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AC Repair, Replacement, Maintenance for Our Neighbors in Sherwood Forest

Between the towering trees of Sherwood Forest are nestled some of the most gorgeous homes we have had the pleasure of servicing.

Established in 1945 just west of the 610 Loop between Silber and Chimney Rock, Sherwood Forest is a quaint subdivision with homes both new to old. Given the size and varying ages of homes in the Sherwood Forest area, we are often called out to repair and maintain A/C systems as they age or upgrade A/C systems that are too old. Do you notice uneven air distribution in your home? Does your system not run as well as it used to? Do you need a larger A/C system to accommodate for an extension being made to your home? Whatever your A/C problem is, we have a solution.

John Moore’s HVAC Services Include:
  • A/C Repairs including Whole Home Air Balancing and Air Duct Design
  • A/C Replacement
  • A/C Maintenance and Tune-ups
  • Indoor Air Quality
Has your A/C stopped working? Call us at 713-730-2525. We take calls 24/7. Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are standing by 24/7 to assist you with your A/C needs. Although we do not offer in-home appointments before 8am or after midnight, they will work with you to book an appointment as soon as possible.

The HVAC Replacement Experts for Sherwood Forest

If your A/C system is around 15 years of age or older, you may notice it’s not cooling your home like it used to.

If this is the case, it might be time to upgrade to a new system. Before we replace your A/C system, we will run a heat load calculation that takes into account the size of your home as well as other factors, such as how much heat is produced in your home by electronics, the number of plants in your home, and the thickness of your attic insulation, to determine the appropriate tonnage of your new system. We can even install a zone system that allows you to balance the air in your home from story to story.

You may also want to consider upgrading to a newer A/C system prior to the ban on R-22 refrigerant coming up in 2020. If your A/C uses R-22 refrigerant and starts to leak after the ban, you may have to install a new A/C system that uses R-410A refrigerant because R-22 will be impossible to legally acquire.

Interested in a new A/C system? Contact John Moore today!

Making AC Repairs & Maintenance Simple for Sherwood Forest Homeowners

There are many A/C problems we can solve with a simple repair or avoid completely with regular maintenance.

Have you noticed water marks on your ceilings? Is there a room in your home that won’t reach the temperature you set on the thermostat?

Whether you need us to drain and clean out your condensate drain line, balance the air in your home, resize a duct, replace a coil, or fix any number of issues that can occur within your compressor, John Moore’s certified technicians can provide you with the best long-term solution.

And if you want to potentially add more years to the lifetime of your A/C system or identify minor A/C repairs before they become a problem, try out our $69 A/C tune-up and maintenance!

Call us at 713-730-2525 or contact us here for maintenance and repairs you can count on!