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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Residential AC System Maintenance, Inspection and Tune-Up Service


Maintenance Service for Your Air Conditioning System by Houston’s Most Recognized HVAC Service Providers

Spring time in Houston, Texas is a time to start thinking about your home’s central air conditioning system before the heat sets in. John Moore offers a 28-point AC system inspection and tune-up to assure your system is operating at peak performance.


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There are some AC maintenance procedures we always recommend the homeowner do if they are able. The most important is to replace your air filter at least every other month.

Old air filters strain your system and are often what causes other malfunctions. You can add at least 5 years to your system’s life by replacing your air filter when it needs to be replaced.

John Moore also sells Plumbers’ Formula 6, a drain cleaning fluid that should be used every 4 to 6 months to clean your condensate drain and prevent algae from growing inside.


John Moore’s 28 Point AC Inspection and Tune-up

Available in the Spring for only Only $69*

We also offer a 28-point inspection and tune-up that we recommend every year or so just to keep your system in optimal running conditions and address any issues before they affect other components:

We Inspect All Filters, including any Media or Whole-Home Air Filters.
We Inspect the Blower Wheel.
We Inspect and Test the Condensate Drain Line.
We Inspect the Outdoor (Condenser) Coil if Accessible.
We Visually Check for Refrigerant Leaks.
We Check and Clean Thermostat and Test Operation.
We Check Metering Device if Accessible.
We Check Return Air Temperature.
We Check Supply Air Temperature.
We Check Wet Tub Temperature (if applicable).
We Check Temperature drop(s).
We Check Disconnect Box, Wire Sizes, and Tighten Connections.
We Check Operation of Service Valves.
We Test and Measure Capacitor Voltage and Start Component.

We Test the Amperage of Your Compressor.
We Check Contactor and Relays.
We Check Compressor and and Fan Motor Current.
We Measure the Suction Line Temperature.
We Measure Suction Pressure.
We Measure Superheat/Subcool.
We Measure the Air Entering the Outdoor Coil.
We Measure Discharge Temperature.
We Measure Discharge Pressure.
We Check Refrigerant Charge.
We Evaluate the Condition and the Overall Efficiency of Equipment.
We Visually Inspect Insulation for Proper Levels and Conditioning.
We Visually Inspect Air Ducts for Correct Sizing and Leakage.

*Available from March 1 – April 30. Excludes weekends and holidays for units older than 5 years.

Plumbers Formula 6

Prevent Stoppages!

Prevent A/C Condensate Drain Line Stoppages with Plumbers Formula 6!

Specifically formulated by John Moore to clear buildup of algae and other organic matter. Request Plumbers Formula 6 today and receive a free whole-home plumbing inspection!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Great Service. Very polite and knowledgeable. Kiel explained everything and fixed the problem with my downstairs AC. He also determined that the issue with the upstairs AC was due to a problem in the main breaker. He setup an appointment for an electrician to come in.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/06/17
  • Great Service. Very polite and knowledgeable. He was able to quickly resolve the problem with my downstairs AC and had it up and running within 45 mins. He also determined the issue with the upstairs AC and scheduled an appointment with an electrician to followup.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/06/17
  • Chris did an excellent and through job on checking our home's ac unit. He even gave me some quick tips to help maintain the unit. He was friendly and very informative. He gave me some recommendations to help improve the units service.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/05/17
  • Pleased with service and with the technician German P who came out to repair my a/c. He took care of my problem in a timely manner and explained everything to me. Thank you German P for being available and coming out on Labor Day.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/07/17
  • pleased with service and with the technician German P who came out to repair my a/c. He took care of my problem in a timely manner and explained everything to me. Thank you German P for being available and coming out on Labor Day.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/07/17
  • During August and September, I used John Moore for a new AC system with ductwork and insulation and a new attic ladder, new breaker unit, new wiring, and a new toilet. The Moore people were very nice and professional. JM may not be the cheapest around but they are the best and since my home is over 30 years, I needed to have it all done and done correctly.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/20/17
  • Third time using them. They replaced a component that was under warranty with no issues. Kiel Mire has always been very professional and courteous on all occasions. I highly recommend getting services from this exceptional ac professional. We will continue to use john moore for any home repair needs.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/11/17
  • Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable service technicians. Jose took time to locate our problem and explain what needs to be done to fix it. He was able to come within 3 hours after I reported a problem with my air conditioning. I highly recommend John Moore Services.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/23/17
  • Charles came out to fix my AC system, he quickly diagnosed the issue, made the repair and even showed me the bad part. Charles was very courteous and explained everything and the pricing. Highly recommend John Moore.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/06/17
  • Layth did an amazing job... he went above and beyond my expectations... endured horrible traffic to obtain the parts I needed and completed the job as promised... I really appreciate his effort to get our a/c running as soon as possible... I give him 5+ stars

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/05/17
  • john moore did a great job with our ac. they clean after they installed our furnace and a/c. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this kind of service

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/14/17
  • I had a young man named Hamad D. service my AC unit. He took his time explaining every step needed to check for leaks, Defrost the unit as it had frozen in the attic. He explained the cost involved and was very through about checking every little thing.He was a very hard working and polite young man. I would call again and request him if needed in the future.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/21/17
  • Charles James came out to service my A/C which was not cooling. He arrived on time and quickly determined the problem. He did a system re-boot and everything is working fine.

    - Air Conditioning
    Houston, TX - 09/26/17


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