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Licensed electricians and residential lighting experts for your home

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Indoor Lighting

Licensed electricians and residential lighting experts for your home

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From fixtures to floodlights, there are, quite literally, thousands of options when it comes to lighting your home. Indoors, a balance of ambient, accent and task lighting creates comfortable, inviting living spaces and work areas. Outdoors, lighting enhances landscaping, driveways and walkways, plus provides an important security feature. But how do you know which interior and exterior lighting choices are right for your home?

One call to John Moore can answer that question.

Our licensed electricians and residential lighting experts are ready to listen to your needs. Then we’ll assess your home’s current electrical system and lighting features, and devise a lighting solution that works for you. From updating fixtures in the kitchen to a full exterior lighting installation, John Moore’s lighting pros can brighten your days and light up your nights quickly, safely and to your complete satisfaction using one or a combination of lighting solutions:

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Indoor Lighting from John Moore Services

Ambient Lighting

Bathe your living spaces and entrances in soft, broad-coverage ambient lighting.

Hanging fixtures, wall sconces, ceiling elements and recessed lighting are popular sources of ambient lighting in homes, plus dimmer switches let you control brightness and mood throughout the day.

Accent & Spotlighting

Directional lighting and accent spotlights create contrast to highlight specific areas, objects or features within a room.

Accent lighting is quite versatile and can be installed within ceilings or achieved using fixtures such as track lights and shelving lights.

Task Lighting

Task lighting sources include a variety of overhead fixtures, wall lights and lamps.

In kitchens, task lighting brightens cooking and dining areas; in bathrooms, it illuminates vanities; and in living and working areas, it reduces glare and prevents eyestrain during activities.

Which Indoor Glow is Right for You?

Incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs offer distinctive lighting qualities.

Your John Moore lighting expert will help you decide which choice is best for your indoor lighting needs — the soft glow of incandescent bulbs, the daylight brightness that fluorescent and halogen lights bring to workspaces, or a combination of all three.


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Jesse was professional, courteous and thorough. He presented me with multiple options for the repair, and we were able to arrive at a plan that met my needs.

- Renovations Houston

John Moore has performed several jobs at my home, the most recent a complete replacement of my electrical breaker panel in my garage. The job was performed by very competent professionals and finished earlier (in time) than the earlier estimate. I trust this company to do the very best of work from both a quality and clean-up standpoint.

- Electrical Houston

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