Christmas Lighting

Guide for Hanging Christmas Lights

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November 27, 2022Hanging Christmas Lights: A Practical Guide for the Holidays Looking for a beautiful, hassle-free lighting display this holiday season? This comprehensive guide will help you conquer any lighting problem you may encounter.Want the best looking Christmas decorations on …

generac generator

Why You Need a Whole House Generator

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Natural disasters have become statistically more common over the last 60 years. Hurricanes have decimated homes and powerlines in Houston with some degree of regularity, and it seems unlikely this will change any time soon.  If you are preparing your …

Drain Clog Prevention

8 Most Common Causes for Drain and Sewage Stoppages

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November 27, 20228 Most Common Causes for Drain and Sewage StoppagesNo one wants to deal with a clogged drain or stopped-up sewage system. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners have to handle these hassles on a daily basis. The John Moore Services …

Fall House

Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season

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November 27, 2022Tips for Preparing Your Home For the Fall SeasonGet your home ready for the changing seasons with these Fall Maintenance Tips from the John Moore team.Cooler weather is on the way, so we’re starting with the most obvious …

Child in Tub

Is it Time to Get Your Water Heater Replaced?

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November 27, 2022Is it Time to Get Your Water Heater Replaced?(Almost) everyone enjoys a hot shower, even in subtropical Houston. Learn how to spot possible problems with your water heater and decide whether or not it needs a repair or …

Tankless Water Heater

Go Tankless For Energy Savings & Unlimited Hot Water

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November 27, 2022Go Tankless For Energy Savings & Unlimited Hot Water Year RoundDid you know that hot water production accounts to roughly 20-25% of your energy bill? That’s a big chunk, and it should be enough to make you start …

Improve AC Efficiency

5 Tips for Air Conditioning Efficiency

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Houston’s hot summers make air conditioning systems essential for your home. However, inefficient AC systems come at a high cost, spiking your utility bills and compromising comfort indoors. Therefore, improving air conditioning efficiency is crucial.


How to Prep your Home for Freezing Temps in Houston

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How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing In Houston How to Protect Your Pipes and Home When the Temperature Dips First off, we want to point out that Houston homes are not designed, insulated and built to the same standards that …