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Improve Your Home’s Houston Attic Insulation & Ventilation for Year-Round Energy Savings and Comfort.

Whether you’re heating your home in the winter or cooling it in the summer, hot-air tends to get trapped in the attic. When attic temperatures are significantly higher than temperatures in the rest of your home, your heating and cooling systems have to work overtime to control temperatures, causing you to pay more than you need on your energy bill every month. In-House Financing Available WAC.


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Improve Your Houston Attic Insulation & Ventilation for Year-Round Energy Savings and Comfort.

Are high temperatures in your attic causing problems in the rest of the home?

Improving how your attic’s environment handles heat is one of the best cost-saving projects you can undertake, and the Houston attic insulation professionals at John Moore can help you make sure it’s done right. First, we run an energy audit to assess how effectively heat moves around your home. Our energy audit includes an examination of your windows and walls for cracks where air could escape or enter your home; an analysis of your attic insulation for depth and R-value; and notes regarding your attic passive and active ventilation systems. Then we put together a list of options that could help you save 20% or more on your annual heating and cooling bill.

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How Heat Moves Around Your Home

To understand how attic insulation in Houston and ventilation work together with your home’s heating and cooling systems to save you money and provide you with comfort all year round for years to come, it’s important to understand the three ways heat moves around your home: through radiation, conduction, and convection.

Down Heat-Flow in Houston During Warm Seasons.

Whenever it’s warm outside- which is the majority of the year in Houston- heat radiated from the sun hits your home. Through conduction, the sun’s heat penetrates through your home’s roof, walls, and windows. The heat conducted from your roof radiates through your attic and then- once again, through conduction- moves through the floor of your attic and radiates out from your ceiling into your home. This process is referred to as down heat-flow in Houston.

Up Heat-Flow in Houston During Cold Seasons

Whenever it’s cold outside, the challenge becomes keeping heat inside your home. When you turn on your heater on a cold day, that heat rises due to convection. The heat eventually conducts through your ceiling and into your attic. This process is referred to as up heat-flow in Houston.

The key to keeping your home’s air at a comfortable temperature while lowering your energy bill and extending the lifetime of your air conditioning system starts with your attic.

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John Moore’s Energy Saving Attic Program

Invest in Energy Savings

Improving how your attic’s environment handles heat is the quickest, least-expensive,  and probably most crucial way you can upgrade the energy efficiency of your entire home.

John Moore’s Energy Saving Attic Program utilizes four products that are ideal for bettering attic conditions in Houston homes: Attic Breeze® Solar Powered Ventilation, John Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Houston Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation, and The Attic Tent.

Every home’s attic environment is unique, so we made our Energy Saving Attic Program flexible to accommodate various homeowners’ needs and budgets. Our Energy Saving Attic Program comprises an energy audit and the sealing off of any holes where we find air leakage between your home and your attic. But the amazing thing about our Energy Saving Attic Program is that it takes less than one day to complete, and it pays for itself. In one day*, you can start saving money on your energy bill with products that last for the life of your home and cost you nothing to maintain!

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John Manville

For optimum savings on your heating and cooling bills, we recommend a base level of R36 insulation- which means a minimum of 15” of coverage of John Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation.

John Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation in Houston

Cool and heat your home, not your attic.

When you turn on your A/C or heater, you typically want that conditioned air to move around your home and not into your attic. The best way to separate your attic’s air environment from the rest of your home is by having your attic’s floor insulated. Adding insulation to your attic’s floor and in-between ceiling/floor joists in your attic is the best way to prevent heat from conducting between your attic and the rest of your home. This is the most important element of our Energy Saving Attic Program.

John Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation was our top choice for attic insulation because it contributes to the whole-home philosophy we up-hold at John Moore:

  • It’s formaldehyde-free.
  • It’s thermally efficient, providing effective resistance to heat transfer.
  • Will not settle or lose effectiveness.
  • It provides sound insulation and absorption.
  • It’s fire-resistant and non-combustible
  • It’s non-corrosive.
  • It cannot rot, mildew, or otherwise deteriorate.
  • And it provides complete coverage, even in tight spaces.
When is it Time for an Attic Insulation Replacement in Houston?

Depending on what we find during our energy-audit, we may recommend either adding insulation on top of your old insulation or replacing your insulation completely. Typically, the R-value of attic-insulation decreases when it is exposed to moisture because moisture flattens insulation, destroying the air pockets responsible for trapping hot air. It’s okay to add insulation on top of old, flattened insulation, but if we find rat-droppings or other signs of contamination such as mold or mildew, then we highly recommend removing the old insulation and addressing those problems before adding new insulation. A John Moore pest control expert can ensure all rodents are excluded from your home so that your new insulation won’t risk being contaminated.

For optimum savings on your heating and cooling bills, we recommend a base level of R36 insulation- which means a minimum of 15” of coverage of John Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Houston Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation

Attic Tent

Houston Attic Tent

Completely seal your attic air from the rest of your home.

Attic doors- also referred to as scuttle holes– are usually the area where most air leaks between your attic and the rest of your home. The Attic Tent creates an airtight barrier around your attic door and fits around most standard folding attic stairs.. The Houston Attic Tent is made from a durable, lightweight insulation material that should last for the lifetime of your home. Along with providing enough energy savings, it can also improve the Indoor Air-Quality of your home.

  • Tested to significantly reduce air loss/transfer.
  • Zipper allows for easy access while keeping out insulation and dust particles.
  • As effective as double-paned windows.
  • Increases indoor air quality.

*Depending on scheduled arrival time.
**Limited to one Attic Breeze® per household.
***From the Manufacturer; does not include labor.

Solar vent

Attic Breeze® Solar Powered Ventilation in Houston

Let Your Attic Breathe for Improved Air-Quality and Lower A/C Costs

A radiant barrier prevents heat from entering your attic while ventilation systems prevent any heat- or moisture- that does enter your attic from becoming trapped. Most homes’ attics come equipped with a passive-ventilation system that uses a combination of ridge vents, soffit vents, gable vents, and baffles to assist the convection process so that hot air and moisture can freely move out of your attic. The only problem is that passive ventilation systems do not account for enough air or moisture flow to maintain proper air intake and exchange- especially in a humid climate like Houston. Without the boost of an active system, moisture will still gather in your attic, damaging your attic’s insulation and possibly contributing to mold and mildew.

Attic Breeze® solar-powered ventilation in Houston works by using a fan to suck the old air out of your attic and pull new air through your attic’s soffit vents and baffles. Not only does this prevent stagnant air from gathering in your attic, but it also reduces moisture build-up and lowers your attic temperature. But the real beauty of Attic Breeze® is that it works without adding to your electricity bill by virtue of being solar powered. In fact, the brighter the sun is shining, the harder the Attic Breeze solar powered ventilation in Houston works! And because homeowners receive a 30% Federal Tax credit when they install an Attic Breeze on their home, you can expect to start saving money up-front.

Attic Breeze® fans come in four different sizes to accommodate varying attic sizes. Each Attic Breeze® unit is:

  • Made in Texas.
  • Corrosion resistant- so it won’t rust.
  • Approved to withstand hail and hurricane force winds.
  • Eligible for a 30% Federal Tax credit upon installation**
  • And includes a lifetime manufacturer warranty!***

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