Lawn Treatment

Weed control, aeration, deep feeding, fertilization, insect and disease contro

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Lawn Treatment

Weed control, aeration, deep feeding, fertilization, insect and disease control

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Treat Yourself to the Yard of the Month, All Year Long.

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Houston weather encourages lawn growth throughout the year, so why not help your lawn become gorgeous, healthy and lush? It really doesn’t take much to turn your yard into the envy of the neighborhood – even if you suffer from a not-so-green thumb.

It just takes one call to John Moore. When you call, ask us about our $0 down financing program that can help you get the yard of your dreams.

Year-Round Houston Lawn Treatment Service

Our Year-Round Houston Lawn Treatment Service takes the worry of lawn feeding, weeding and disease control off your mind. Designed specifically for Houston-area lawns, our seven-treatment plan delivers just what your landscape needs to grow healthy and strong, right when it needs it. From spring feedings to summer disease control to cold weather maintenance, our plan has you covered. Your John Moore lawn care pro applies seven specially-designed treatments over a twelve-month period to build a lawn that’s vibrant, strong and free from weeds and disease, year-round.

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Lawn Treatment Services from John Moore

Weed Control

Spring and summer weed treatment prevents the germination and spread of weeds.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all-solution for weeds; keeping your yard weed-free means mixing and matching the right solutions to protect it throughout all four seasons. With an assessment from our lawn care experts, we can quickly find the solutions that eliminate weeds in your yard and make sure they don’t come back. Take control of your weeds— and your lawn.


Loosening compacted soil allows air, nutrients and water to reach the deep root systems to promote new root and plant growth in the springtime.

Compact soil prevents water from soaking into your lawn, and less water means shallower roots, making your lawn vulnerable to droughts. Our aeration treatment makes sure water and fertilizer soaks in deep so your plants get the right mix of water and oxygen to grow deep roots, blossom, and bloom.

Deep Root Feeding

Liquid fertilizer is injected into the soil around the drip line of ornamental shrubs and small trees to stimulate healthy root growth and plant development.

Deeper, stronger roots = better bushes. Injecting fertilizer into the roots of your plants gives them the opportunity to become and stay beautiful for the life of your yard. Deep root feeding makes bushes and shrubberies green, healthy, and more likely to fight off insects, droughts, and diseases


Spring fertilization kick-starts root and plant growth for a vibrant green lawn that’s ready for summertime temperatures. Another dose in the fall keeps roots strong and healthy during the cold, dormant months.

Fertilizer: vitamins for your plants. The fertilization process requires year-round dedication to know what to use on your lawn and when to use it. High nitrogen fertilizers kickstart the growth of your plants in spring. In summer, a nitrogen mix tailored to take down pesky insects will keep away the destructive chinch bug; in winter, a fertilizer with more potassium to respect the dormancy of your plants. John Moore’s bi-monthly fertilizer services put your plants on a diet and workout plan that keeps them vibrant.

Insect Control

Chinch bugs and other lawn pests thrive in Houston’s St. Augustine grass. Regular treatment for these insects prevents dead patches, stunted plant growth, and costly lawn replacement.

If you live in Houston, then insects have declared war on your grass. Chinch bugs attack the runners connecting your roots; grubs feast on the bottom of the blades; and aphids and snails will actually eat the plants themselves. Stay ahead of lawn pests with a proactive lawn care regiment that preserves the lawn you deserve to come home to.

Disease Control

Houston lawns are susceptible to several plant diseases and fungus varieties, such as brown patch. Regular treatment prevents them from spreading and destroying entire sections of lawn.

There will always be spores in the ground threatening to unleash brown patch, root rot, takeall, powdery mildew, and leaf spot on your plants. Applying treatment will remove initial issues, and placing your lawn on an ongoing treatment program will make sure those issues stay gone so your plants can thrive.


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