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Sometimes, when we go out to a home, we find more than one problem with a condenser and the AC system as a whole.

If your system is more than 10 years old or we find multiple issues, we will recommend an AC replacement. And although replacing an entire AC system can be pricey, it’s often worth the money in the long run.

Think about it: there are a lot of parts in your AC system. If we replace several belts, a coil, and resize a duct, you still have components in your system that are likely to fail soon. Oftentimes, the cost of several replacements adds up to a significant amount of money you could have put toward a totally new system. There are also several cost-advantages to owning a brand-new AC system that include energy efficiency savings and rebates. This is why, when we find more than three significant issues- and especially if you have a system that uses R-22- we recommend an AC replacement.

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What’s Included in John Moore’s Air Conditioning Replacement?

Before we replace your AC system, we run a heat load calculation to determine proper size, take measurements, and present you with the best options for everything: a new condenser, new duct work, new condensate drain lines, and any other options such as zone systems, UV light disinfectors, air purifiers and anything that would apply to your home’s AC system and air quality. We discuss your budget, and look over rebate options, tax credits, energy efficiency, and of course, price, to find the ideal system for your home. And because a new AC system is one of the most expensive things most people pay for (next to a car and your home itself), we go over our financing options.

After that, we work with you to find the best time to get to work. If we start sometime in the morning, we can usually finish replacing your entire AC system that same day. And if it’s an emergency, like your AC goes out in the middle of summer, we will supply you with portable cooling units until we can get to your home to replace your system.

John Moore’s HVAC Replacement Process.

When we replace an AC system, we conduct a heat load calculation and measure your attic and any spaces where we would need to move through so we can get the right size equipment. After that, we work with you to schedule the best time to replace your AC system. It takes about an entire day to disassemble your old AC system and completely install the new one.

The first thing we do when we show up to install is put down a drop cloth and make sure every technician has their shoes covered so we don’t track mud or dirt into your home. We may request to move furniture or valuable items so we don’t accidently bump into, scratch, or break anything. And if you have pets, we may ask for you to keep them in a room or at the neighbors to minimize the chances of any accidents (we do not want to accidently run into your cat or dog while carrying a furnace). We measure a second time just to make sure everything will fit through doorways and tight spaces. Then we begin breaking down your old AC system. We load all of your old equipment into a truck to take back and recycle.

After that, we get to work installing your new system. There will be a lot of moving of large equipment and some loud noises as we fabricate parts, drill units into place, and move around your attic. We may also lay extra boards down in your attic so we don’t step through a ceiling. Then we connect the refrigerant lines and attach your new system to your home’s power source. And then, we turn it on.

Included in every AC replacement is a final, whole-home air balance. We test every air register in your home to make sure it’s delivering the right amount of air at the appropriate temperature. We may go back into your attic to adjust dampers until everything is just right. After that, we take you on a tour of your new system, provide you with maintenance tips, and let you know to call us if you need any adjustments or encounter any issues.

Drain Line

John Moore’s AC Replacement Warranty.

When we replace your AC system, all of the parts are backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty. If you encounter any issues within the first year of us replacing your system, we will come back and fix the problem at no additional cost.*

*Excludes acts of God (flood, lightning, etc), lack of maintenance, and vandalism.

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$69 A/C Tune-Up and Inspection

Don’t let air conditioning repair woes leave you hot under the collar. Get the special $69 A/C Tune-Up and FREE A/C Inspection.

The most important components of your A/C system will be thoroughly inspected during John Moore’s 28 point A/C inspection. Schedule your inspection before the next heat wave and you will have peace of mind that your system will start up easily as the temps rise.



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Jose P. arrived as scheduled. He spent a good deal of time evaluating my system, (required in my opinion) so he could make informed recommendations on what was required to bring my into compliance. He also made recommendations on ways to improve system efficiently and help extend its life. Jose graciously took the time to answer ALL of my questions. His explanations, in layman's terms, was a big help in understanding what he recommended, why, and IF IT HAD TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY or in the near future, He then professionally serviced my system for the upcoming summer. I will more than welcome Jose back into my home.

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