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From pathways to motion sensor lights, there are, quite literally, thousands of options when it comes to lighting your home. Outdoors, a balance of ambient, accent and safety lighting creates comfortable, inviting outdoor spaces and gathering areas.


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Beauty, security and cost are three main factors in an outdoor lighting project, but sometimes there’s more to consider. Many Houston-area communities have ordinances regarding the type of lighting allowed. Some neighborhoods require dark sky-compliant fixtures to reduce both light and energy pollution, or sensors and timers to regulate lighting activation.

Your John Moore outdoor lighting professional takes all of these issues into account to come up with a lighting plan that suits your home’s needs, your area’s requirements, and your wallet.

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1 FREE CFGI electrical outlet plus installation.

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Recessed Light Installation

50% OFF 1 recessed light fixture installation with purchase of four.

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*Good on work over $200. Limit one per household. Some restrictions may apply. Cannot combine offers. Expires 12/31/2021.

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Outdoor Lighting Solutions from John Moore

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lights activate when they detect a person, car or animal moving nearby.

Sensors can be adjusted for both sensitivity and time of day, so lights trigger when you want them. Motion activated lights play a vital role in any home security plan, helping deter intruders from patios, entrances, garages, walkways, and yards.

Pathway Lighting

Pathways and Driveways

These outdoor light sources define and illuminate sidewalks, decks and driveways.

Pathway and driveway lighting typically uses recessed or raised fixtures. The resulting look is tidy and organized, safer to navigate, and an inviting backdrop for gatherings and parties.

Spot & Flood Lighting

Spot & Flood Lighting

These outdoor lighting options concentrate light on one location or area.

They fulfill many purposes in landscape lighting plans, or can be used alone to illuminate patios, decks and driveways. A spotlight casts a narrow beam of light while a floodlight can have a larger spread and can illuminate a larger amount of space with the same wattage as a spotlight.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting creates an ambiance that welcomes outdoor activities after the sun goes down.

Successful landscape lighting uses a combination of fixtures to highlight areas and features throughout the yard, plus illuminates dark corners to deter animals and intruders.


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  • John Moore Service Technician Daniel W.We had some electrical work done through John Moore. The experience from begining to end was amazing and they explain everything before hand so it is an easy process. On the 1st day of starting the job, Daniel Wheeler came out and did what was expected and explained. We did run into an issue when turning the electricity back on but, Daniel and John Moore helped us through the issues and got everything where it needed to be. There was 1 more day of work to be done but it was delayed due to Hurricane Harvey coming on land. As bad as the weather was and everyone worrying about their own issues, Daniel Wheeler took time to check on things here and let me know if and when the would be out to finish everything. I highly recommend John Moore and will be requesting Daniel the next time I need their services. Thank you for making this an easy process.

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    Houston, TX - 09/04/17
  • John Moore Service Technician Michael G.Michael G. was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful during our installation. I'd highly recommend asking for him for any electrical needs with John Moore. The customer service team was equally courteous and helpful with questions and scheduling.

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    Houston, TX - 09/09/17
  • John Moore Service Technician Mauricio G.Mr.Garcia was very professional in how he handled my problems and exercised a whole lot of patience and long suffering with me, the Center Point Energy and Reliant Energy in having my electrical issues resolved.I will always recommend him to all my friends and acquentances who may have electrical issues.He made me fall in love with John Moore Company and I hope all of John Moore workers will measure up to Mr. Mauricio Garcia.Thank you.

    - Electrical
    Houston, TX - 09/25/17


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