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Now you don’t share your home with uninvited guests.

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Rodent Control

Now you don’t share your home with uninvited guests.

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Your warm, cozy home is very inviting to certain guests during Houston’s cooler months. Unfortunately you didn’t ask these visitors in, and may not even know they’re inside, planning an extended stay. We’re talking rodents: rats, mice, squirrels, opossums and even raccoons. They enter through small openings to nest in attics, walls and crawl spaces, and pack in a variety of problems. These bad house guests damage your roof, sheet-rock and insulation, plus have a fondness for chewing on wires, which can lead to electrical shorts and even fires.

But that’s not the worst part. Rodents expose you and your loved ones to a whole host of health dangers: hepatitis B and C, influenza, swine flu and salmonella, to name just a few. If you suspect unwanted guests are making your home their hideout, it’s time to call Houston’s leading team of rodent removal specialists at John Moore.

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Our experienced pros stop to prevent rodent infestation in your home by :

Rodent Inspection and Assessment

Our licensed pest and rodent removal pros arrive ready to evaluate your home for signs of rodent and animal infestation, including points of entry and evidence of activity and nesting. If we find animals, we have several humane ways to remove them. Then we keep them from returning by sealing openings and ensuring that other points of entry are secure.

Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses

Next, we thoroughly sanitize affected areas with our DSV (Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide) solution. This kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses lurking in nesting areas, plus deodorizes the space and destroys scent trails to discourage their return. And if they return after treatment, so will we. At no cost. Guaranteed.

Identifying potential infestations early can prevent further damage.

Spotting Rats and Mice

Rats and mice make scuttling and squeaking sounds in attics and walls. If you hear these noises, check for droppings on the floor of your attic. If you find small droppings, you likely have rats, mice, or both.

Spotting Squirrels, Raccoons and Opossums

Larger rodents enter homes through openings along the roof line, eaves and vents, and make quite a bit of noise in attics. If you hear noise and notice holes in vents, eave siding or along roof lines, it’s likely that larger animals have made their way inside.

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John Moore has performed several jobs at my home, the most recent a complete replacement of my electrical breaker panel in my garage. The job was performed by very competent professionals and finished earlier (in time) than the earlier estimate. I trust this company to do the very best of work from both a quality and clean-up standpoint.

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