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Residential Mosquito Control Systems in Houston

Are you tired of feeling like a prisoner in your own home during Houston’s long mosquito season? Repelling these pesky insects is a headache all Houston-area residents share for far too many months of the year. But where do you turn when the stinky sprays, sticky lotions, ineffective lights, and smoky candles just don’t do the trick?
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Houston Mosquitoes Have Met Their Match

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Our cutting-edge mosquito control system puts your outdoor life back on track. And more importantly, it protects you and your loved ones from serious mosquito-borne dangers such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and West-Nile virus.

Schedule your free mosquito assessment today. Our certified mosquito control experts have the know-how to tackle the worst mosquito infestations in Houston, and keep them from coming back. We arrive ready to fully evaluate your yard and surrounding areas, then prescribe and install a mosquito control solution that meets your family’s needs and your budget.

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Our experienced pros will also recommend further ways to prevent mosquito outbreaks and reduce exposure in and around your home, including:

Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Standing water is a mosquito’s best friend, and they don’t need much to multiply by the thousands within days. Regularly check for and remove standing water in planters, gutters, pet bowls, outdoor décor, bird baths, and outside toys. And don’t oversaturate grass when watering, excess water can pool in depressions just long enough to breed mosquitoes.

Plug the Gaps in Doors and Windows

Keep mosquitoes out of your home by repairing any gaps in the caulking surrounding doors and windows. Make sure screens are securely fastened and without holes, too.

Install Outdoor Screens or Net Curtains

Outdoor kitchens, covered decks and patios can be fitted with mosquito screens or net curtains to further shield your family and friends. These stylish screens and curtains can be temporary or permanent additions to outdoor décor.

Wear Mosquito-Resistant Clothing

Long-sleeved, light-colored clothing protects you from mosquitoes when you leave the safety of your John Moore-protected yard to walk pets, bike or jog.