Termite Control

Including FREE Termite Inspections for your Houston area home.

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Termite Control

Including FREE Termite Inspections for your Houston area home.

*Free in-home estimates available only to residential homeowners on weekdays during regular business hours.

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Do you know what destroys the largest number of homes each year? If disasters such as fires, hurricanes and tornadoes come to mind, you’re wrong. The answer is termites. In fact, these invasive little insects damage more homes each year, both in Houston and across the US, than fires, hurricanes and tornadoes – combined!

Their secret is their stealth. They work behind the scenes, day and night, eating away at the wood structures that support and surround your home. Framing, roof trusses, decking and fencing, it’s all on the termite’s menu. Termite colonies grow quickly, unseen, devouring homes from the inside out. By the time most homeowners are aware they have a termite problem, it’s too late. The structural damage is done and requires costly repairs that homeowner’s insurance won’t cover.

But John Moore’s Free Termite Inspection can ensure your home stays off the termite buffet.

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*Offers available only to residential homeowners on weekdays during regular business hours.

Our experienced pros will also recommend further ways to prevent termite infestations and reduce exposure in and around your home.

Drywoods: Warm Weather Pests

Drywood termites love warm weather and the opportunity to dine on dry wood. When they invade, they set up multiple colonies, spreading quickly through homes and fences as they ravage everything in their path. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept drywood termites as your house guest; you can call us instead.

Subterraneans: Termites in Disguise

Common to Southeast Texas, subterraneans termites live in soil but still snack on your home. Subterraneans are often mistaken for ants and therefore overlooked, but they shouldn’t be; they do more than their fair share of the $500 million in damage unleashed by termites on homes in the State of Texas each and every year.

Catch and Kill Termite Colonies Early

The earlier we can catch termite damage, the faster we can eliminate them and the more time, money, and hassle you will save. John Moore’s inspections are performed by experts determined to eliminate termites. We won’t rest until your home is termite-free.

Treatments You Can Count On

Our experts think like pests so they can eliminate pests. We know the difference between bugs that may look alike but act differently and require different treatments. Every John Moore pest elimination program addresses the specific problem of the homeowner, and our termite program is no different. The steps we take protect your investment in your home and the health of your family.

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Jesse was professional, courteous and thorough. He presented me with multiple options for the repair, and we were able to arrive at a plan that met my needs.

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John Moore has performed several jobs at my home, the most recent a complete replacement of my electrical breaker panel in my garage. The job was performed by very competent professionals and finished earlier (in time) than the earlier estimate. I trust this company to do the very best of work from both a quality and clean-up standpoint.

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