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Disinfect and Sanitize While Eliminating existing viruses and bacteria, including the Human Coronavirus for Clean, Easy-to-Breathe Air

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UV Light

$50 Off Initial Virus & Bacteria Treatment for Your Home!

Nisus DSV (Disinfectant Sanitizer Virucide)  Treatment Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi – including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Nisus DVS has been commonly used in hospitals, schools, veterinary and nursing facilities where highly sanitized conditions are required, and it is now available for residential application. John Moore Services is a certified applicator and sanitization provider and can safely treat and sanitize your home. Nisus DVS is formulated to prevent contamination and eliminate a broad spectrum of existing viruses, germs and bacteria, including the Human Coronavirus.

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*This will not keep them out. Regular cleaning and disinfecting by home owner is required. For more information, read Nisus DSV and Coronavirus at a Glance (PDF 282kb) →

UV Light

$25/mo* Whole-Home Platinum Carbon Air Purifier!

The Fresh-Aire UV is proven to inactivate 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

By combining UV-C light and activated carbon cells—two technologies proven to kill germs and inactivate viruses—the air in your Houston home will be decontaminated, simply as it circulates through your AC system. John Moore’s Fresh-Aire UV systems can be easily installed into your home’s central HVAC system by a licensed John Moore technician. Keep your home odor-free, germ-free, allergen-free, and virus-free with a Fresh-Aire UV whole-house air purification system!
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*With approved credit.

Clearing the Air in Your Home

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Poor indoor air quality is a common problem. We spend a lot of time at home: it’s where we relax after a long day of work; where we cook meals and clean; where we spend time with our family and pets. But over time, all of the dust, hair, and bacteria we produce finds its way into our home’s ventilation system, where it collects and negatively impacts indoor air quality.

According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality can lead to long-term health problems such as respiratory and heart diseases. Improving your indoor air quality can make it easier for anyone- especially those living with asthma and allergies- to breathe comfortably in your home.

When you address your indoor air quality, you can expect less trips to the doctor and a better quality of life. The first step is calling John Moore for a free Indoor Air Quality Assessment, which includes a consultation with a TACL licensed professional and a step-by-step IAQ inspection of your home. From there, we will recommend the best options to improve the air in your home.

HVAC Filtration

Whole-Home Air Filtration

Filter dust, bacteria, and dander while reducing the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

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Most homeowners are familiar with the one-inch filter inside of their return grill that should be changed every month. But what they don’t know is that those filters put pressure on their fan, and aren’t the most effective way to filter particulates out of the air circulating your home. Media filters attach directly to your furnace or air handler where they filter viruses and bacteria before they enter your home. They have a larger surface area than standard filters, which means they are able to collect finer particles while putting less pressure on your system’s fan. Media filters can also save you money, because they last six months to a year, are easier on your system, and keep your ducts clean of dust and debris.
Air Quality

Whole-Home Air Purifier

Get instant relief by eliminating allergens and odors with a Whole-Home Air Purifier.

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Most homeowners address odors in their home with fragrances that may actually harm indoor air quality. Rather than simply covering the smell of dirty air, Whole-Home Air Purifiers are installed in your supply air duct where they eliminate odors, gases, and VOCs. At John Moore, we offer two different types of Whole-Home Air Purifiers: active and passive. The passive Whole-Home Air Purifier we offer uses activated carbon cells to neutralize particulates in the air as they flow through your duct work. The active Whole-Home Air Purifier oxidizes your home’s air and actively seeks to eliminate impurities. You will instantly recognize the difference with each purifier, and our John Moore IAQ technician can help you choose the best purifier for your lifestyle and needs.

UV Light Disinfection

UV Light Disinfection

Prevent mold, mildew, and other bacteria from growing near your cooling coil.

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One common area where bacteria grows in your home is your electric HVAC system. If you have an electric HVAC system, you should use UV light to continually disinfect your cooling coil. Electric HVAC systems use an air handler that contains both the cooling coil and the fan inside one unit. Although this is more compact, it creates an ideal environment for bacteria such as mold and mildew to grow. If you smell a musty odor or we notice mildew during our inspection, we will offer to clean out your system and recommend that you have a UV light installed to keep your air handler disinfected and your air free of bacteria.
Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Completely clean the dust, dander, and debris built up in your ducts over the years.

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There are three telltale signs that you should have your ducts cleaned: if you notice dust and dander built up on your air return registers (the little rectangular grills on your ceiling or walls throughout your home); if we find mildew or mold in your HVAC system; or if you find rodents living in your duct work or attic. Our TACL licensed air duct cleaners at John Moore use a duct-cleaning checklist to ensure we clean and sanitize our customer’s ducts as effectively as possible. This includes using an endoscope to inspect every inch of your duct work, a roto-brush to gather the dust and debris to bring outside, and a sanitizing system to completely clean your ducts. John Moore also has a pest-control department just in case we need to get rid of any rodents living in and around your HVAC system.

Need Help for those Unexpected Home Repairs?

From HVAC experts to in-house financing options, John Moore is here for you.

There’s never a good time for your A/C to quit cooling or your air quality to suffer. That’s why John Moore Services created a variety of flexible financing options for our customers.

Let the professionals at John Moore services take some of the stress out of owning a home. Our expert HVAC and Air Quality technicians will respond promptly and get you cooling again within 24 hours and to assess and address your air quality. Our in-house financing team can help you with a variety of flexible financing options.

Having trouble with your A/C system? Is your air quality possibly making you sick? Call on John Moore, the A/C  and HVAC experts for Alvin since 1994. Our licensed, professional HVAC technicians are here to help get your home cool again quickly.

John Moore’s Flexible, Financing Services Include:

Don’t suffer in the summer heat any longer. Call 713-730-2525 for expert A/C service, replacement and repair. We even offer longer services hours during the summer time to help you get cool as quickly as possible.

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