Roof Replacement & Repair

From complete roof replacement to roof repair including flashings, structural, gutters and attic ventilation

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Roof Replacement & Repair

From complete roof replacement to roof repair including flashings, structural, gutters and attic ventilation

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*Our friendly staff at John Moore is standing by to assist you with your home service needs. Give us a call today.

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Left unchecked, roof leaks can lead to a number of homeowner headaches, from stained ceilings and mildewed walls to critically damaged structural supports.

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Even more worrying, accumulated moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for toxic mold— a serious risk to your family’s health. But where do you turn if you suspect it may be time for a new roof or you fear that you may have a roof leak?

We know that roof leaks do not automatically require a full roof replacement. Pinpoint repairs to your roof’s trouble spots can stop leaks permanently for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. In fact, maintaining your roof with as-needed repairs prevents moisture build-up, decay and rot from underneath to help prolong the life of your entire roof.

If you suspect a leak or have concerns about the condition of your roof, don’t wait. Call John Moore for a free roof inspection today. One torrential rainstorm is all it takes to turn your minor roof leak into a major ceiling restoration project. Our experienced roof repair pros arrive ready to assess your roof, trace leaks to their source, and complete any necessary work quickly and to your complete satisfaction. We can also repair and restore water damaged ceilings and walls if needed. To assist our customers in caring for their homes, John Moore offers a $0 down financing option to customers that qualify. It’s quick, low cost, and there are no hidden fees.

Shingle Repair & Replacement

Need shingles replaced? No problem. John Moore’s shingle replacement service eliminates minor problems now to save you and your home significant trouble down the road.

Missing shingles lead to leaks that can cause water damage to your walls, doors, and sheetrock. Whether your shingles are made of asphalt, ceramic, or metal; your roof is flat is sloped; or you need a single shingle or numerous bundles replaced, our techs will fix sections fast and effectively to restore your roof to 100% before the next storm hits.

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Roofing Repair Services from John Moore

Solar-Powered Ventilator Install

Solar-powered ventilators decrease your energy bill and pay for themselves within a few years.

Houston is hot, and the attic is the hottest part of your home. John Moore installs Attic Breeze™ solar-powered ventilators seamlessly into the top of your shingles that pull out the heat trapped in your attic and expel it from the roof. Solar-powered ventilators also prevent mold growth, saving you thousands in potential repair while extending the life of your roof. And because they are solar, they require no electricity and no operating costs.

Plywood & Structural Repairs

A leak left long enough can make a home nearly unlivable, but it’s not always possible to see if your ceiling is failing until it’s too late.

Fixing a large leak properly means fixing the structural damage that affects it. Roofs in Houston homes all consist partly of wood, and become soggy and damaged over time because of our humid climate. John Moore techs understand the structure of Houston homes and how to repair the structural damage that affects them. Whether your ceiling is failing and needs immediate attention or you simply want to ensure it is in good shape and request a basic inspection, we will apply our expertise so your roof is stable and strong.

Roof Flashing Repair

All flashing – the seals between your roof and chimney- fails eventually. Soggy roofs can be a sign of major damage to your home, and are often caused by flashing on chimneys and roof vents

Flashing damage left unchecked can snowball into much larger problems and additional expense. On the other hand, getting flashing repaired by a roofing specialist with a keen eye for damage and understanding of the anatomy of your roof can protect your home for years to come. Have John Moore replace your flashing with a brand new piece of metal to protect against rain and even pests.


Broken gutters inevitably lead to water damage, running up expenses and damaging your home. Missing or failing gutters need immediate repair before the next rainstorm hits.

When gutters fall away, they create a crevice behind where they once were for water to enter; if gutters get clogged, they create a dam that leads to a buildup of water with nowhere to go but into your home. John Moore fixes gutters and installs gutter guards to prevent clogs. We also take care of the parts of your home around the gutter, including soffits and facial boards that prevent water from sliding over the side of your gutters and sneaking into your home. Replace your gutters to prevent water damage.


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Jesse was professional, courteous and thorough. He presented me with multiple options for the repair, and we were able to arrive at a plan that met my needs.

- Renovations Houston

John Moore has performed several jobs at my home, the most recent a complete replacement of my electrical breaker panel in my garage. The job was performed by very competent professionals and finished earlier (in time) than the earlier estimate. I trust this company to do the very best of work from both a quality and clean-up standpoint.

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