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Signs that Your Home May Need a Repipe

Does brown-tinted water come out of your faucets? Are your sink faucets and shower heads releasing water at an abnormally low pressure? Have you noticed any leaks? Water spots? These are the first signs that it may be time to replace the pipes in your home.

If your home has galvanized pipes, the brown water that is coming out of your faucets is most likely caused by rust on the inside of your pipes. And if you notice low water pressure from your faucets and shower heads or leak spots on your walls or ceiling, the rust in your pipes has eaten its way through the pipe, creating pin-holes for water to escape. If you want to know for sure whether or not your pipes are rusting, you can go into your attic and look for brown or reddish rust spots, on the potable water pipes in your attic.

When Should I Have my Home Repiped?

Sometimes, it can take years for rusty pipes to reach their tipping point and spring a major leak in your home.

But as soon as you notice any signs that the pipes in your home are rusting or have holes, you should consider a whole-home repipe; if you wait until the last moment, you will not only have to pay to repipe your home, but you may also have to pay to fix water damaged areas and replace any damaged furniture or valuable items. And if you plan on having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled, it’s especially important to repipe any rusty pipes to avoid costly damages to your new appliances.

As a preventative measure, John Moore offers both immediate and long-term solutions to fix rusty and damaged pipes. These procedures do take some time, but because of the materials and process we use, John Moore’s repipes are minimally invasive to your home, meaning we make as few and as little access holes as possible. To ensure that the same problem you had won’t happen again- whether it be a pipe rupture or rust- John Moore replaces your old pipes with the best piping system on the market today: Uponor PEX Piping.

How long does a repipe take and what can I expect?

Repipe Warranty

25 years on whole-house repipes and 5 years on horizontal repipes.

All of Our Whole-Home Repipes Come with a 25-Year Labor Warranty along with Uponor’s 25 year limited warranty on all AquaPEX® pipes and ProPEX® connections we install in your home. All horizontal repipes come with a 5 year labor warranty and includes the same 25 year limited AquaPEX® warranty*. Financing available WAC. Give us call today.

Why PEX Piping is the Best Repipe Solution for Your Home - What is PEX?

Unless you are also a plumber, or possibly a material physicist, you may be asking yourself, “What is PEX?”.

PEX is an acronym for polyethylene that has been crosslinked. In other words, PEX is a unique plastic material that is specifically designed for piping, repiping, and piping insulation purposes.

Uponor’s AquaPEX® piping system

Why John Moore is a Proud Contractor of Uponor PEX solutions

PexPEX pipes are unique because of their outstanding durability and flexibility. PEX pipes do not rust or corrode like copper pipes and galvanized steel pipes do, so you don’t have to worry about pinhole leaks creating leaks in your home down the road. And because PEX pipes are flexible enough to expand three and a half times beyond their original diameter and return to normal without any wear or damage, they can withstand expansion from freezing water. PEX pipes’ ability to withstand freezing temperatures separates them from their rigid cousins, CPVC, copper, and galvanized steel.

PEX’s flexibility also allows them to make wide curves so that there are fewer tie-ins and connections to other lengths of pipes, which is typical of CPVC, copper, and galvanized steel piping systems. Oftentimes, PEX pipes can be directly routed from the point at which water enters your home to its Point of Use (POU). In a highly pressurized system like your home’s pressurized potable water pipes, fewer connections means there are fewer areas where ruptures and leaks could occur.

All of PEX’s special qualities translate into a clean installation process, economic savings, and long-term reliability for you, the customer. Not only does it cost less to repipe your home with PEX piping systems, but you can also rest assured that your pipes won’t rust, leaving your home dry, your water clean, and more money in your pocket.

Uponor’s AquaPEX® piping system

Why John Moore is a Proud Contractor of Uponor PEX solutions

When looking for a vendor of PEX piping solutions, John Moore found that Uponor provided an unmatched product and service guarantee when compared to other PEX manufacturers. Uponor’s AquaPEX® piping system utilizes their patented ProPEX® expansion fittings. When compared to other PEX and metal pipe connection methods, ProPEX® expansion fittings are the only connection fittings designed to strengthen over time. How? Because Uponor PEX pipes have the ability to always return to their original diameter, they can form a tight seal around the expansion fitting, essentially squeezing around the fitting with over a thousand pounds of force. Unlike connections and tie-ins used in all other piping systems, ProPEX® connections are one of the strongest parts of a PEX piping system.

Peace of Mind Warranty Included

Uponor’s 25-Year Limited* Warranty on AquaPEX® Piping and ProPEX® Connections

In addition to being one of the most reputable manufacturers of PEX piping on the market today, Uponor also offers a 25 year warranty on their pipes and fittings when installed by an Uponor-trained professional. All of John Moore’s plumbers have been trained and are licensed by Uponor to install and repipe with Uponor PEX products. So if any of the fittings or pipes malfunction within 25 years of being installed by John Moore, you can contact John Moore or Uponor directly and receive a new version of the same pipe or fitting.

And because John Moore offers a 10-year limited* labor warranty on our whole-home repipes, if we repipe your entire home with Uponor’s AquaPEX® Piping and ProPEX® connections and something happens within the next 10 years, in most cases Uponor will replace the parts and we will fix the problem at no extra cost.

Horizontal Repipes

If you notice water spots on your ceiling, or pinholes and rust spots on the pipes in your attic, then the immediate solution is to repipe the horizontal pipes in your ceiling or attic.

Typically, you will notice pinhole leaks and rust on these pipes first because 1) they are usually the only exposed water distribution pipes in your home, and 2) there is usually more horizontal pipe in a home than vertical pipe in the walls. But even though there’s a high probability that you will notice leaks coming from your horizontal pipes, there is still a likely chance that the branching lines and vertical pipes in your home are also rusting, and even leaking, which is why John Moore recommends having your whole-home repiped if you notice leaks caused by rust anywhere in your home.

John Moore’s Horizontal Repipe Process

Horizontal repipes typically take one or two days to carry out.

The first thing we do is shut off your home’s main water service pipe by switching off the main safety shut off valve. After that, we cut out the old horizontal pipes in your attic, taking care not to shake the rust from these pipes into the branching lines. Finally, we install new PEX pipe, tying them into the old galvanized or copper stubs.

Although John Moore technicians are trained to prevent rust from entering the rest of your pressurized potable water system, when we cut through your old galvanized horizontal pipes, some rust will be shaken up in the vertical water distribution pipes in your home. Typically after a horizontal repipe, your sink, bath, and drinking water will be brown when you first turn them on, but will return to normal after you allow the water to run for a few moments. And even though your water will seem clearer, there is still a high chance that there are more rusty pipes in your distribution system, which is why we only recommend horizontal repipes as an immediate fix for attic leaks.

*John Moore’s 5 Year Horizontal Repipe Service Warranty - All of John Moore’s horizontal repipes come with a 5 year labor warranty*. And, as mentioned above, the Uponor AquaPEX® Piping we use in our horizontal repipes comes with a 25 year limited warranty*. But for a 10 year labor warranty and no rusty pipes in your home at all, we strongly recommend repiping your entire home.

Whole-Home Repipes

Whole-home repipes are the ultimate solution to stop leaks and have rust-free water to drink, bathe in, wash with, and cook with in your home.

During a whole home repipe, licensed John Moore plumbers build an entirely new pressurized potable water distribution system for your home. Now, this may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but because we use mainly PEX pipes to build the new system, John Moore has refined the whole-home repipe process to be as clean and as minimally invasive as possible.

What’s included in John Moore’s Whole-Home Repipe?

John Moore’s Whole-Home repipes include all new shut-off valves underneath lavatories and toilets; all new Uponor AquaPEX® pipes running to your fixtures; hot and cold supply lines that tie directly into your washer, sink, and shower valves; all new hose bibbs and spigots on the outside of your home; and type-L commercial grade copper hard pipes from your water heaters.

Although we use PEX piping for most of the pipes we install in a whole-home repipe, copper piping is still used anytime we go into or come out of a wall. Why? Because it won’t expand and damage your sheetrock like PEX would. Another reason why we use copper pipes when going outside of your home is that some of PEX pipes’ only mortal enemies are found outside: UV rays and Western conifer seed bug. UV rays from sunlight makes PEX pipes brittle, and some grass feeding insects like the western conifer seed bugs have mouth-pincers strong enough to pierce through PEX.
*Rust Prevention - If you’re worried about Houston’s heavily treated water rusting the copper stub-outs that we install during a whole-home repipe, then we recommend removing the rust problem by installing a whole-home carbon filter system.

John Moore’s Whole-Home Repipe Process

John Moore’s goal is to make the whole-home repipe process as comfortable for you and your family as possible. So before we begin a whole-home repipe, we communicate with you and your family to work around your schedule. We show up at a time that’s least disruptive for you and leave when you want us to go.

Once we show up to begin a whole-home repipe, we cover up any furniture and areas of your home where we will be working with a dropcloth so that your floor, furniture, and personal items do not get covered in dirt, rust, and sawdust. Before we leave for the day, our service team of technicians will pack everything up- we take our tools, clean our mess, and leave your home at least as livable as we found it.

While we install the PEX pipes that will make up your home’s new potable water distribution system, we leave the old system running so you and your family can still have access to water. In worst case scenarios- if you wait too long to have your home repiped, and your home’s entire pressurized potable water system fails- you and your family may have to stay in a hotel or with a friend, neighbor, or relative.

On the last day of a whole-home repipe, we make the changeover from your home’s old potable water distribution system to your new PEX system. During the changeover, we shut down your home’s old water system with the safety shut off valve, disconnect the old tie-ins to the water service pipe, then tie-in the new system. Depending on the size of your home, the changeover process could take two days. If we determine the changeover cannot be completed in one day, and we have to leave overnight, we will work with your family to changeover the most important faculties first so your family can still bathe, cook, and drink water.

Typically, we leave the old pipes in your home if they’re out of the way. But while we are changing over to the new system, we make sure to drain your old water lines into a bucket before installing and anchoring new copper stub outs to completely rid the system of old rust before changing over to the new potable water distribution system.

Whole-home repipes typically take from two days to an entire week to complete, depending on the size of your home and the type of piping system already in place.

Although PEX is a very cost-effective piping solution, whole-home repipes can be very expensive. But when it comes to the water in your home, John Moore feels that no homeowner should compromise clean water and a safe water delivery system because it’s not immediately affordable, which is why we offer financing solutions to qualifying customers.

Single Reroute of Looped Slab Copper Distribution System

Although most older homes use galvanized pipes for their pressurized potable water distribution system, some Houston homes have a looped slab copper distribution system. It’s common to find a looped slab copper system used in Sugarland and Missouri City area homes built before the year 2000.

Like galvanized pipes, copper pipes used in a looped slab system are susceptible to rust, but the signs of a failing copper system are little different. Because most lopped slab copper systems are underground, leaks and water spots resulting from pinholes are found on lower walls and towards the floor, rather than on the ceiling. Another common sign of a failing looped slab copper system is a significant increase in your water bill cause by water dripping out of your copper pipes and into the ground or protective sheath around the copper pipe. If you notice any of those signs, it may be time for a whole-home repipe, where we’ll upgrade your looped-slab copper water distribution system with a PEX system.

But if you want an immediate solution to a leak in your looped slab copper system, a single reroute should do the trick. A single reroute of a looped-slab copper distribution system is where we identify the line in your copper system that has a leak, shut off that line, and reroute it using a branching line constructed from PEX pipe.

Like a horizontal repipe, this is just an immediate solution. It’s likely that if one area of your copper piping system has rusted to the point of leaking, other areas aren’t far behind. So although we will reroute a line of pipe as a quick solution, John Moore highly recommends having your whole-home repiped is any area of your looped slab copper potable water distribution system is leaking.

*Disclaimer on Whole-home Repipes Using an Entirely Copper System - All of John Moore’s Horizontal and Whole-home repipes are priced with PEX pipes. Sometimes, we get a request to repipe a home with copper pipes. Although we advise against repiping a home entirely with copper pipes, we can and will do it. But the price you pay will be two to three times greater than if you were repiping your home with a combination of PEX and copper pipes. Copper is a more expensive material than PEX, and repiping with copper means we will have to make larger holes to torch and solder a new copper water distribution system. The other reason we advise against whole-home copper repipes is that Houston’s water is treated with high levels of chloramine, which deteriorates copper in as little as five or ten years.

After You Get Your Home Repiped

After a whole-home repipe, there are two extra services that homeowners typically ask for: sheetrock patching and texturing, and installing new fixtures.

Another great advantage of PEX pipe’s flexibility is how few holes have to be made to install a PEX system. The John Moore repiping team has a number of techniques we use to install an entire PEX system through a handful of small holes that we cut around your home.

Typically, the holes we make are underneath sinks, behind fixtures, and in ceilings. The holes we make underneath sinks and behind fixtures are usually hidden from plain sight, so oftentimes homeowners will simply ask for these holes to be patched, but not textured or painted. For the visible holes we make in your home’s ceilings and walls, the John Moore Renovation and Remodeling department offers several packages where we will patch the holes and then texture and paint the area so it looks like new. Before we begin a whole-home repipe, we will go over options to patch, texture, and paint the subsequent holes around your home.

A lot of times, we repipe a home before a homeowner remodels their kitchen and bathrooms. But even if you don’t want a new tub or sink, we highly recommend that homeowners have new faucets installed on their sinks and showers after a whole-home repipe. The only pipe we don’t replace during a whole-home repipe is the pipe that connects the stub-out for your tub to the showerhead. This pipe is not a part of your home’s pressurised potable water distribution system because it’s not pressurized. But if you purchase a new showerhead and tub spout package from John Moore, a new shower-riser is also included.

*Note: Incidents caused by explosions, freezing weather, and riots are not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not apply for pipe failures at old pipe connection points and tie-ins.

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