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Does ridding your home of pests feel like a losing battle?

Our certified pest control specialists know what it takes to fight off infestations from all kinds of insects and rodents in Houston homes. After a free inspection, we’ll customize a plan that effectively targets tiny intruders with minimal impact to your home and loved ones. And we keep them from coming back.


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Take Back Your Home from Pests, Mosquitoes, Rodents and Termites

Call 877-730-2525 to schedule a Pest Control Specialist.

Houston is the front line in the war on pests, and we know the enemy. Once we’ve cleared up infestations, our pest control pros keep insects and vermin at bay with regular follow-up, stopping new attackers in their tracks. Can the war on pests be won in Houston? It’s a challenge, but it’s one we’ve been winning in thousands of homes across Houston since 1998.

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Pest Control

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*Limit one per household. Some restrictions may apply. Cannot combine offers. Expires 12/31/2017. Click here to see all coupons.

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Pest Control Solutions from John Moore


Pest Control

The point of pest control is to preserve the health of you and your home. John Moore’s pest control services make life difficult for pests while maintaining life as we know it for people and pets.

Powerful pest control should improve your life, not complicate it. 100% of John Moore’s pest control methods are exclusionary, meaning they will keep you and your pets healthy while evicting unwanted guests from your home and yard. Nothing is more important to our pest control technicians than making sure our efforts cause the intended effects and nothing more. Schedule Service…


Mosquito Control

When bloodsuckers frequent your yard in search of a fresh meal, we take every precaution necessary to erase them from your life quickly, cleanly, and effectively.

At best, mosquitoes are an uncomfortable pest that covers you in bumps. At worst, they spread diseases such as Zika and West Nile Virus. John Moore’s mosquito misting systems strategically disperse product at different times, set up at initial installation by our expert pest control technicians. We also offer monthly treatments that assess your yard and prescribe solutions to any lingering mosquito issues. We pride ourselves on having options for everybody, so no matter who you are, we can take action against one of Houston’s most common pests. See Mosquito Control…


Rodent Control

Disease-ridden rodents are pests, not guests, but they won’t think twice about nesting in your attics and walls, gnawing on your roof and sheetrock, and even causing water and fire damage by chewing through pipes and wires. Our mission is to drive them away so they never come back.

Some rodents may look cute, but they can wreak havoc on your home. In addition to causing thousands of dollars in damage to your house, they can also expose you and your loved ones to a whole host of health dangers: hepatitis B and C, influenza, swine flu and salmonella, to name just a few. If you suspect unwanted guests are making your home their hangout, it’s time to call John Moore. See Rodent Control…


Termite Control

Termites are the #1 leading cause of damage to homes in the US each year, far surpassing the damage caused by fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes— combined!

In Houston, there are two kinds of homeowners: those who have termites, and those who are going to have termites. Every day, termites work your neighborhood, establishing colonies that can decimate your home. But with the right experts inspecting your home, you can ward off termite invasions before they begin and cut them short if they are already underway. We help you show termites who’s boss. See Termite Control…


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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • The technician was prompt, courteous and friendly. He responded immediately when I told him about a problem w/ants in the kitchen and bathroom. He applied a treatment and now they are gone!

    - Pest Control
    Houston, TX - 09/11/17
  • Have used JM many times for plumbing, air conditioning, pest control. All technicians are professional, friendly, thorough, and explain the needed services and cost estimates clearly. Have even been pleased with warranty replacements, which has only happened twice. Especially thanks to Ash and Robert for their service this Aug.2017

    - Pest Control
    Houston, TX - 08/25/17
  • To the credit of Ash, our home remains insect free. Ash is truly a professional, very knowledgeable and skillful. He identifies the problem(s), explains the "what and whys" and the means you as a homeowner can either prevent or lesson the problems. He arrives on time and calls to notify you that he is on the way. We are very pleased with the professional services provided by John Moore and will continue to use their services for all of our needs, and recommend them to our neighbors.

    - Pest Control
    Houston, TX - 08/09/17
  • Ash A,, a representative of John Moore Services, has always provided consistent and professional service since I have been his customer. He is prompt, responsive, and knowledgeable. He demonstrates a positive attitude and consideration for any requests that I might have regarding the service. I enjoy working with Ash and I would recommend him highly.

    - Pest Control
    Houston, TX - 03/22/17


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