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John Moore is on the front line in the war on pests in Houston, and our highly knowledgeable pest control pros know the enemy like the back of our spraycans.

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Pest Control in Houston

After a FREE inspection, our experts can customize a plan that effectively targets the pests in your home with minimal impact to your home and loved ones.

Every year, thousands of homeowners discover that they share their home with pests and need the assistance of our Houston exterminators and pest control professionals. They may notice pellets- or droppings- indicating that roaches, rats, or another kind of rodent has moved in. Our exterminators in Houston might see a trail of sugar ants in the kitchen. They may have a yard littered with fire ant mounds, mosquitos buzzing around the outside of their home, or even termites snacking on their home’s wooden framing, floors, and siding. They may have had the moment every homeowner dreads- walking into a room to find a roach or rat staring right at them as if to say, “Your home is mine, now”.

Exterminators in Houston You Can Rely On

If you see any signs of pests or rodents in or around your home, call a professional Houston exterminator immediately. Pests and rodents are often careful to be discreet and stay out-of-sight, so when you start seeing signs or notice them out in the open, there’s a high chance that there are countless others living in your attic, your walls, your cabinets, under your home, or in your yard. You may be thinking, “I can kill them myself” or, “I’ll just get my spouse to do it” or, “Eh, they’ll go away”. But once a pest makes themselves at home, they will quickly multiply and have the potential to destroy your house from the inside out. Worse, some pests like bed bugs and mosquitoes will literally feed off of you and your family.

We are Houston Pest Control Experts

John Moore is on the front line in the war on pests in Houston, and our pest control pros know the enemy like the back of our spraycans. One of John Moore’s major advantages when it comes to pest control is that we understand the entire home. We know how pests get inside and where they propagate outside of your home; we know what pests tend to destroy and how to spot and fix damages before they get out of hand; and we know where to look and how to keep them gone for good. Once we’ve cleared up infestations, our Houston pest control pros keep insects and vermin at bay with regular follow-ups, stopping new attackers in their tracks.

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Meet the Pests and Rodents We Send Packing

John Moore’s Pest Control team has the experience and expertise to rid homes of a variety of pests.

Some pests such as spiders, ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, and earwigs are fairly standard and can be controlled alongside each other. Other pests such as rodents, fire ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, fleas and ticks require a more comprehensive case-specific treatment. In any case, if you have pests in your home, John Moore’s Houston pest control experts will identify every type of pest and map out a plan that will rid them all.



Can lay from two to a thousand eggs



Ghost ants, pharaoh ants, & fire ants most common



Carry bacteria and disease



Males make loud chirping sound



Like moist, humid areas like tubs & showers



Typically outdoor pest, until cooler weather arrives



Shorter legs and antennae than centipedes



Longer legs with giant antennae on both ends



Populations peak in spring, early summer



Avoid light and flock to fabrics



Prefer moist conditions, such as leaf piles



Typically have a hard exoskeleton

Case-Specific Pests and Rodents

The following pests are often more resilient and difficult to kill with any one standard solution.
For these guys, we use a special approach, and a more persistent treatment plan. For more information on how we get rid of any of these pests, please click on the name of the pest below.

German Cockroach

Monthly treatments to prevent infestation



Customized treatment plan for your home



Exclusion, Extermination, Disinfection Approach


Fire Ants

Our annual treatment comes with one-year warranty


Ticks & Fleas

Bi-monthly treatment plan



One-time, whole home treatment



Contact us to discuss a custom solution to your bee problem

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John Moore’s Pest Control Warranties

Every pest control service we offer comes with a warranty. If you sign up for a recurring plan, then you will have a one-year warranty on any service we provide, starting two-weeks after we apply any treatments. For example, if you sign a contract for our standard bi-monthly pest control program, we will treat your home with chemicals and follow-up two weeks later to ensure that the treatment is effective. Your one-year warranty will begin as soon as we conduct our two-week follow up. If you see any pests within a year of our two-week follow up, we will apply additional treatment at no extra cost. If you choose to go with a one-time treatment, we will provide a 30-day warranty that begins immediately after applying any pesticides or termiticides.

Our warranties do not cover failure due to consumer negligence or acts of God, which includes floods, storms, and other natural disasters.

Pest Control Service Area

We provide pest control services to all Houston areas, including:
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  • Clear Lake
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  • Cypress
  • Deer Park
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  • Humble
  • Jersey Village
  • Katy
  • Kingwood
  • La Porte
  • League City
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  • Memorial
  • Missouri City
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