Sub-Foundation Drain Line Repair Services

Pinpoint, diagnose and repair slab foundation leaks quickly.

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Sub-Foundation Drain Line Repair Services

Pinpoint, diagnose and repair slab foundation leaks quickly.

Quality Guarantee

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Did you know that foundation issues can lead to water leaks within the slab?

Slab leaks are sneaky and often slow to reveal themselves. They occur when foundations shift, causing the water and sewer pipes encased within the concrete to crack or disjoint. Water or sewage then seeps into the foundation cracks and moves up into the house, or down into the subsoil.

If left unchecked, even a small slab leak can grow into a costly repair, or worse, a home restoration headache. Slab leaks can damage floors, walls and furnishings, but that’s not all. The water from a slab leak can erode underlying soil and further damage or even collapse foundations.

Spotting a slab leak can be tricky, but as Houston’s plumbing leader for more than 50 years, we know the tell-tale signs. If you experience any, or all, of these problems, it’s time to call John Moore:

An unexplained increase in your water bill
Low water pressure
Damp carpets or discolored flooring
Musty or foul odors from floors and walls
Grass or landscaping growing unevenly near foundations
Visible cracks in your foundation
Shifts or cracks in floors

Our certified plumbing experts will arrive with the tools and knowledge needed to pinpoint, diagnose and repair slab foundation leaks quickly and to your complete satisfaction. And once the problem is solved, we’ll thoroughly examine your home’s foundation piping and suggest ways to prevent future surprises.

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Jesse was professional, courteous and thorough. He presented me with multiple options for the repair, and we were able to arrive at a plan that met my needs.

- Renovations Houston

John Moore has performed several jobs at my home, the most recent a complete replacement of my electrical breaker panel in my garage. The job was performed by very competent professionals and finished earlier (in time) than the earlier estimate. I trust this company to do the very best of work from both a quality and clean-up standpoint.

- Electrical Houston

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