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Briar Forest A/C Repair

Air Conditioner Repair, Installation & Inspection in Briar Forest, TX

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Briar Forest Homeowners Rely on Houston’s Top AC Pros

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Many folks in the Briar Forest area like to spend their weekends enjoying a stroll through Terry Hershey Park, or tackling the “Ant Hills” trail along Buffalo Bayou on a mountain bike. All the while, Houston’s humidity and heat blazes through the atmosphere down by the marshy bayou and among the groomed golf courses that stretch between Gessner and Dairy Ashford.

Although residents take full advantage of the outdoor activities in Briar Forest, there’s no doubt that they look forward to a relaxing, cool, air-conditioned home when they finally seek refuge from the scorning heat outside. And every single person who lives in Briar Forest dreads the possibility of arriving home to a broken or malfunctioning AC unit! Even business men and women mildly sweating in their suits on the short trek from their car to front door feel the gush of discomfort when returning home to a failed air conditioner.

John Moore’s HVAC Services Include:

A/C Repairs including Condenser and Condensate, Drain Line repairs, A/C Replacements and Upgrades, A/C Maintenance and Tune-up, Air Duct Cleaning and other, Indoor Air Quality solutions

Have you just returned home to a kaput AC unit that has you breaking a sweat? There’s no question, it’s time to call John Moore to restore comfort to your Briar Forest home. Give us a call today at 713-730-2525 or contact us online.

Is it Time for an Energy Efficient AC Upgrade?

Many homeowners in Briar Forest and throughout the greater Houston area find that their AC units weaken and become less effective as they age.

In fact, it’s common knowledge that air conditioning systems that are over 10 years old are most likely on their last leg. Any day now, an AC unit that is 10+ years old will bite the dust and need to be replaced.

If your AC unit is shot, or if you’re experiencing signs like an air conditioning system that just won’t cool your house to the degree of comfort you need, it’s time to call John Moore for a replacement. At John Moore, we remove old AC units and install new, top-quality, energy efficient units to reinstate the comfort you deserve in your Briar Forest home. We will set up all manufacturer part warranties and we offer you a 10 year labor warrant to keep things cool throughout many scorching summers to come.

Repairing & Maintaining HVAC Systems Since 1965

Homeowners know that AC units aren’t cheap, and most homes in Briar Forest have central AC systems with many parts involved.

Rather than a complete unit replacement, a malfunctioning AC system can sometimes repaired in order to get things running again. Belt and fan replacements, or drainline and ductwork repairs can bring your AC back to tip-top shape, especially if it is a newer unit. In some cases, replacing a faulty condenser or coil can do the trick, as well.

If the nice cool air is blowing just right in your Briar Forest home, it’s a bright idea to keep things that way with an annual AC system maintenance tune-up. The air condition technicians at John Moore offer a full menu of tune-up services with our tune-up package, including condenser and coil cleanings, and a full inspection to ensure everything is running up to par.

Is it time for a tune-up or part replacement? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525 or contact us online today and within 24 hours, we’ll be at your door ready to service your AC.

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