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Baytown Air Conditioning Service by Certified HVAC Experts

Stay Cool with John Moore’s reputable A/C Replacement, Repair and Maintenance Options

Although initially settled in the 1800s, Baytown eventually grew into a thriving oil and gas town and supports the Greater Houston Region’s petrochemical industry to this day. While much of the region is heavily industrialized, we know many of you still enjoy boating and fishing along Baytown’s many waterways and bayous. Whether you enjoy taking your family to the Baytown Nature Center or learning about wildlife with your children at the Eddie Gray Wetlands Education Center, there is plenty to see and do outdoors.

But when your fun in the sun has ended, there’s nothing more relaxing than coming back to an air-conditioned home. With John Moore’s certified A/C technicians, you can rest assured that your home remain a cool refuge from the Texas heat. If your home is due for a Baytown A/C replacement or you just want to stay on top of regular maintenance, John Moore has a solution for you.

John Moore’s Baytown Air Conditioning Services Include:
  • Baytown A/C Replacement
  • Baytown Air Conditioning Repairs including Whole Home Air Balancing and Air Duct Design
  • Baytown Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-ups
  • Indoor Air Quality
Is your AC out right now? Don’t put up with the heat! Call John Moore now at 713-730-2525. We schedule appointments 24/7.

Baytown Air Conditioning Replacement for Systems Using R-22

Is your home still using its original A/C system? Is your A/C older than 10 years? It may be time for a Baytown air conditioning replacement.

Especially if your unit is still using Freon™ AKA R-22, a system upgrade is inevitable. R-22 is being phased out for more environmentally friendly liquids, but older systems will not be able to use the new refrigerants. This means that by R-22’s phase out in 2020, even a minor leak will require a total Air Conditioning replacement in Baytown.

We know that home maintenance can be expensive, but waiting for your A/C to go out or making due with an outdated and inefficient system can be even more costly. John Moore offers a variety of A/C units that work with your home to keep it cool while costing you less. These energy efficient units come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, and if you encounter any issues within the first year after a Baytown A/C replacement, we will come back and fix the problem at no additional cost.*

*Excludes acts of God (flood, lightning, etc), lack of maintenance, and vandalism.

Worried about industrial air pollution? Why not add an indoor air quality protection plan to your upgrade? With John Moore’s whole home filtration system, you can keep allergens, dust, and bacteria out of your home. We will supply you with cost-effective media filters that last up to a year and work harder than standard filters. Our whole home purification systems offer a second layer of protection by cleaning the air in your home.

Whatever your budget, John Moore has financing solutions for you. With available 0% financing, no hidden fees, and budget-friendly payment plans, upgrading to a new Baytown air conditioning system has never been easier.

Ready for an upgrade that will keep your family cool? Call John Moore today at 713-730-2525 or contact us here.

Baytown Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance

Baytown air conditioning maintenance is important. Even newer A/C systems deserve attention and care. With our affordable $69 tune up visits, you can catch problems before they damage your A/C unit.

We check for common issues and calibrate your system for optimal performance. Regular Baytown air conditioning maintenance not only extends the life of your unit but also keeps it functioning efficiently.

Is your condensate drain line leaking? Is your A/C unit struggling to keep up with the demands of summer? John Moore can quickly diagnose and repair any problem with your system. It is important to act quickly because a malfunction in one section of your A/C can cause strain and to the rest of the system. Whether there is a problem with your air ducts, your condensate drain line, or the A/C condenser unit itself, we are here to help with reliable and affordable air conditioning repair in Baytown.

Need fast, quality repairs? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525 or contact us here for help today. We proudly serve all subdivisions in the Baytown region.