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Reputable Air Conditioning Service in Memorial

Get more with John Moore, your neighborhood HVAC experts in A/C maintenance, A/C repairs, and home service needs.

Though Memorial is rich in many things, including neighborhoods dating as far back as the 1950’s, older homes come with things that may not function like they used to—like a rundown A/C system. As a result, your home might not stay cool, you may experience an increase in your energy bill, or water spots can form on your ceiling. A crushed air duct, backed up condensate drain line, or a burnt-out compressor can leave you in a hot bind. And even if your A/C system has held up pretty well for the past 15 years, you may need to replace your system anyway because R-22 refrigerant- otherwise known as Freon- will eventually be phased out.

John Moore’s HVAC Services Include:
  • A/C Repairs including air duct resizing
  • condenser repairs
  • and coil replacements
  • A/C Replacements to address energy efficiency or the R-22 ban
  • A/C Maintenance and tune-up
  • Indoor Air Quality
For more information on an A/C inspection or the R-22 phaseout, contact John Moore.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Memorial

Due to its impact on the ozone, R-22 refrigerant is being phased out and will be officially banned as of 2020.

So, if your system uses R-22 refrigerant and happens to leak today, you may be paying triple the cost of what you would have had to pay to refill your refrigerant before the phase-out. Because you will no longer be able to purchase R-22 refrigerant as of 2020, your best bet is to install a new A/C system that is compatible with R-410A refrigerant. This new regulation will prompt many homeowners all over Houston to replace their unit over the next two years, so we recommend you consult a certified A/C technician as soon as possible.

You may also want to consult John Moore’s A/C experts if you are remodeling or adding an extension to your Memorial home. Through a heat load calculation, we will be able to assess if you’ll need a larger A/C system or if the one you have has the appropriate tonnage to accommodate the added space and counteract heat producing appliances.

Schedule an appointment with John Moore to find the best HVAC replacement solution for you.

HVAC Repairs & AC System Maintenance in Memorial

The average lifespan of an A/C system is about ten to fifteen years.

With regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can potentially increase its lifespan by twenty five percent. Although you can handle some of the maintenance items like changing air filters on your own, you’re probably going to need the help of a certified A/C technician to perform more complex maintenance like the lubrication of parts and inspection of electrical connections. And if your A/C isn’t cooling like it should be, John Moore will send a qualified technician to inspect your A/C system with no obligation. Our A/C technicians will always provide you with “good-better-best” options, so you can ultimately decide what’s best for you, your home, and your budget.

For a thorough 28-point check tune-up for your AC or for any HVAC repairs, call John Moore at 713-730-2525.