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What impact does paint have on a room? Recall a time when you walked into a room painted with a striking color palette. Did the space feel alive? Uplifting? Refreshing? Now think of a time when you found yourself in a room with peeling walls and paint faded from the sun or stained with time. Which space would you rather call home?
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Painting Contractors Add Color to Your Home & to Your Life

Interior and Exterior Paint that Adds Value to Your Home

Paint can work wonders in a home. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your house can take years off of its age and add value to your property, while a splash of color in your living room or game room can make it fun to entertain in your home again and add cheer to your household. A fresh layer of paint in a study could mean the difference between a space that keeps you motivated and focused and one that feels suffocating.

rollerWhether you’re looking to give your home a new look after a series of repairs or just want something different for your walls and ceiling, John Moore’s custom paint solutions make it easy to add new life to your home. We offer interior, exterior, and cabinet painting, and we can even coordinate between each of these to produce a home color palette that suits your unique personal needs and aesthetic preferences.

House Painters with a Flare for Design

John Moore’s team of interior design and painting specialists are here to help you find a new look that helps you and your family feel right at home.

During our consultation, we will discuss financing, outline which spaces you want painted, and help you explore all the different color options offered through our partnership with Sherwin Williams. Together, we will discuss which paints will best bring new life to the rooms of your home. For instance, softer colors can open up a space while bold colors set a distinct sense of personality. Some colors are even associated with a specific mood or idea. A dark red accent wall in a formal dining room lends passion and strength to the environment, while an ocean blue or seafoam in a bathroom may bring to mind calming waves and beaches.

We also understand that the last thing any homeowner wants is to see their home or belongings damaged by a renovation project, which is why our painting professionals take extra care to treat your property with the same respect they would show their own homes.

Painting for Home Re-Design

Get Excited about your Home Again!

Are you sick of coming home to the same colors? Maybe the white walls that your home came with are starting to yellow, more reminiscent of a runny yolk than fresh eggshell. Perhaps you’re a new homeowner ready to tear down the out of date blue cloud print wallpaper left behind by your home’s previous owners. Whatever home design crises or reasons for choosing to repaint your home, John Moore can help.


Paint Choices

Fitted to Your Home and Your Family

If you aren’t free to express yourself at home, where else can you feel free to let your true colors show? Home style choices begin and end with painting. It is the clearest way to set establish a color palette in your home that can be complemented by your furniture, bed sheets, curtains, lampshades, and the art you hang on your walls.

John Moore’s first goal when it comes to home repaints is to provide options and styles that fit your family’s style and the function of each room in your home. There are many choices to be made for any paint job, and we encourage families to review their options together. Selecting a design together unites your family and creates excitement for your home’s new look.

What to Consider

When Choosing a New Look for Your Home?

Texture - If you are working with John Moore because of a repair project, you will likely have a texture already picked out. Choices for texture range widely, but the idea behind each choice is to add depth and contrast to whatever surface you’re painting.

Color - Color is of course the most important choice in your repainting journey. Selection should be guided by both your personal sense of style and practical needs. Taking your time with this choice is essential, and our team of painting experts can suggest complementary and accent colors to match your choices along the way. Do you love antiques, dark woods, and ornate carpets? You may want to go with bolder, richer chocolates, blues, and reds. Repainting your

Testing Finish

Paint Type - You will likewise need to select the kind of paint you want to use. While John Moore typically uses professional quality latex paint from Sherwin Williams, you have the choice to substitute with older oil based paint or any other paint you have pre-purchased for the project. Homeowners often select oil paint for its smoothness and resistance to shrinking. By contrast, latex paint is more versatile and great for all surfaces. Regardless of your choice, our expert painters are ready to take on any paint challenge. Our team can introduce you to over 1,500 Sherwin Williams color choices.

Sheen - Sheen is another major consideration in the planning of any home painting project. Take a look at the cabinets in your kitchen. Are they shiner than the walls they hang from? What about the door to the room you’re in right now? In all likelihood, it is much more reflective of light than the ceiling above you. Sheen is used to create accent, define lines, establish a sense of depth, bring out or hide detail. Basic choices include flat, gloss, and high gloss sheens, though there are many varied sheens that create subtle differences between these three choices.

Flat sheen is often reserved for ceilings or surfaces that must hide a blemish and is the least shiny sheen choice available, making it more susceptible to dirt and smudges. Flat sheen can also be difficult to clean, which is why it is used on low-traffic areas or places that won’t be touched often.

Gloss and semi-gloss are more durable than a flat sheen, but they may need the occasional touch up. These two sheens are also considered the best choices for areas that will be regularly touched and cleaned. Gloss is less shiny than semi and high gloss, but it still brings out details in everything from wood grain to texturization of a wall.

Less shiny than semi-gloss, but still capable of some reflection, a satin or eggshell sheen will usually be the best choice for living spaces. Semi-gloss and high gloss are by far the most reflective sheens. Both can be used for trim and furniture, but high gloss is the shiniest option. However, a room may employ high gloss sheen if you are looking for an unusual or modern design choice that will fix attention on one specific surface, like a cabinet or door for instance

Paint Texture
Post Repair

Change that Lasts

Post-Repair Repainting

Let’s face it, homes need an extra coat of paint after remodeling. For example, after dry wall repair and retexturing, your wall will be the same white color as the drywall compound. This may contrast with the rest of the wall or space. In addition to covering these repairs, paint also protects completed repair work and highlights improvements. Think of paint as a seal, working to add longevity to repair work while also brightening your home.
John Moore's painting team can be brought in after a drywall repair, or even after installing cabinets, doors, or trim to make those elements match the rest of your home. Our team is perfectly equipped to help you find paint solutions, and painting after repairs is often the most cost effective way to go about a home repainting.

Matching old paints can be a headache if your preferred paint color is no longer in production or you cannot remember the name or brand for your wall’s original paint. In these cases, it is best to select a tone within the same color family from a reputable production company. Selecting newer paint also ensures you’ll be using a higher quality paint that’s nontoxic and longer lasting.

Are You Ready For us to Get Painting?

What to Expect with John Moore

Preparing for renovation and painting can be a stressful process for the family as everyone works to make time and room for work crews and prepare for the change. Inviting workers into the home to fundamentally reshape your living environment can be an intimidating prospect, but at John Moore, we believe in building trust with our customers from the start and endeavor to ease all concerns with forthright answers and professionalism.

We work hard to help you make tasteful choices that will keep your home feeling open and welcoming for both your family and your guests for years to come. Our painting process is designed to optimize customization and keep your home and belongings protected throughout the process.

We start with a consultation between your family and our experts. Whether you contact us on our website or call us to get the ball rolling, we can work with you to select colors, sheen options, and estimates for your project. We will discuss budget and preferences as we discover the best option for each surface in your home, outline the number of coats needed, and outline prices for each service including add ons. With John Moore, there are no hidden fees or costs to threaten your project’s budget. We even provide family friendly financing options so that you can get started on your dream renovation now and split payment into several manageable, easy installments.

Whether you are hiring us for an exterior, interior, or cabinet painting project, the next step in the process will be scheduling an appointment for our crew to work. We will work with you to find the most convenient time for your family to have painters come in and work. Because John Moore usually works with non volatile organic compound (NVOC) paint such as latex when painting walls, so there is no need to leave the home while our crew is visiting. Homeowners will, however, need to sign a waiver stating that they have moved their furniture away from the wall and have placed pets in another room for their safety and ours prior to our arrival.

Interior Prep

From the Inside Out

Painting Interiors

You’ve scheduled your appointment, picked out all of the colors, moved your furniture, and are ready for your home’s transformation. What next?

Interior projects have four stages: preparation, painting, drying, and cleanup. We’ll keep you posted throughout the project, and homeowners are welcome to stay for all stages of the process. When John Moore’s painters prepare to paint interior walls in your home, we cover your furniture and floors with a dropcloth and wear foot covers to avoid tracking in mud, dirt, or paint into your home. Then we add painters tape to sections of the wall or ceiling that are to be left unpainted or are to be painted another color, depending on the pattern and area. We then take care of any necessary sanding and priming.

Painting is usually completed in a day depending on the room, the size of the project, the type of paint and the number of coats. Dark hues may require multiple coats, resulting in an upcharge outlined during the consultation process. However, a lighter paint may go on in only two or three coats. For single room projects, painting may last only a few hours while whole home repaints may require a larger crew and more time.

When we finish painting, our crew will check for dryness, pull up painter’s tape and tarps, and remove protective coverings. The latex paint we use on most interior painting projects dries quickly, so your walls and ceiling should be dry to the touch by the time we leave. By the next day, all paint should be completely dry.

Cabinet Painting

What to Expect

Cabinet repaints are a great option for families that don’t want to do a whole home renovation but want to bring some new color to their home. Our cabinet painting process can truly clean up an outdated, dingy kitchen for a comparatively minimal cost. As with wall and ceiling interior painting, you can best prepare for the arrival of your John Moore cabinet painting crew by moving any furniture and dishware in the room away from the area to be painted. For everyone’s safety, be sure to put your pets in another room ahead of time as well.

We take the same precautions to paint only what needs to be painted, and our preparation typically involves sanding and cleaning the cabinets before finally adding your selected paint. When our work is complete, we will check that the paint is dry to the touch and pull up all protective covers.

Cabinet Painting
Exterior Color Match

Home Exterior Painting

What to Expect

From vinyl to brick and wood, most exterior surfaces can be painted to disguise defect, restore new life to your property, and express your personal taste. The outside of your home deserves some love too! Maybe your home has been through some storm damage. Perhaps your siding is starting to fade in the summer sun or your garage door is chipping. Whatever your exterior needs, John Moore is ready to lend our brush. (We can also repair or replace your roof.)

Just as with interior painting, it is important to move away any lawn furniture and potted plants. We will also cover any bushes, trees, or flower beds near your house to avoid dripping paint from recoloring your outdoor plants. Be sure to keep pets inside while we work and understand that scheduling for outdoor projects is weather dependent.

With outdoor paintings, preparation can take a little longer as there is more to clean. Although the service is slightly more expensive, you may want to consider a true surface deep clean with a power wash before painting. Power washing before we paint will bring out the original beauty of the home and remove all dirt and grime for a clean surface to apply your paints.

As with interior work, we will always work our hardest to keep your property clean throughout the process and will move back any lawn furniture after our work is done. Exterior paint should be dry to the touch by the time our crew leaves.

Warranties You can Trust

John Moore is confident in the quality of our completed projects, and we work exclusively with quality products. For this reason, we are able to offer a one year warranty on all home repaints. This One Year Warranty ensures that we will return to make right any mistakes or damage caused by the initial painting. Further, it covers general failure of the product and unexpected damage that is not the result of negligence.

Should you notice any mistakes, damage, peeling paint, or other problems feel free to contact John Moore for a touch up on your paint. Even after our warranty runs out, keep an eye out for long term damage. Our materials all come with their own manufacturer’s warranty as well.

John Moore Quality Guarantee