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No Job Too Big or Too Small

Complete Home Renovation Solutions from John Moore

John Moore got its start in 1965 when a small team of master plumbers got together to deliver premium plumbing services for Houston homeowners. As we grew, it wasn’t long until we realized that we could do more for our customers. At our customers’ request, we began patching walls and replacing sinks and toilets. Over the next couple of decades, we continued to grow our services so we could give back even more to our customers. We began painting walls, installing bathroom tiles, doors, cabinets, and windows. Before long, we were working on the exterior of homes as well.

As a well-known company in Houston, we’ve been lucky to grow with the homes in the area. Now, John Moore offers a full range of remodeling services, from simple repairs to full kitchen and bathroom remodels.

If you have a hole in your wall, we can fix that. If you want a new showerhead and faucet, we’ve got your back. If you decide you want an entirely new bathtub or shower, we can help you find what you’re looking for and install it. And if you’re ready for an entirely renovated kitchen where you can feel like Gordon Ramsey, or a spiffed up bathroom where you can completely unwind in luxury and style, we can do all of that too.


Reputable Brands & Renowned Service


John Moore’s commitment to quality service has kept us a household name in Houston for over 50 years. So when it came time to partner with manufacturers, we chose only the most reputable and trusted brands to bring to our customers. From Sherwin William paints to Delta faucets, we only use brands that our customers know and trust.

Along with the warranties provided by these manufacturers, John Moore backs all of our labor with a one-year warranty. If you aren’t satisfied with our paint jobs, installations, or any other renovation or remodeling work we provide, you can call us within the year we provided you service and we will either fix the mistake or reimburse you.*

*Does not apply in cases of consumer negligence, acts of God (flood, lightning, etc.), riots, or war.

Caring for Your Home, Family, & Pets

Leaving Your Home Better than We Found It

John Moore’s carpenters, painters, and installers consider it an honor to improve Houston homes, but we understand that letting a team of workers into your home may make you feel uneasy. What if they leave the place a mess? What if the cat gets out? What if something gets damaged? Since the beginning, we’ve considered the worries of our customers and do everything we can to respect your home, your valuables, your family, and your pets.

During the consultation process, we will determine the best time to work in your home so that you and your family can still enjoy the peace and privacy of your home. After the consultation process and before we arrive to work in your home, we will remind you to keep your pets in a room where they are safe and out of harm’s way while we work. Before stepping into your home, our workers will put shoe covers on to prevent dirt from tracking into your home. Whenever we paint or do any major remodeling work, we remind the homeowner to move any furniture away from the walls, and we lay drop cloths down on the floor. We always plan ahead and clean up after ourselves so that we leave your home better than how we found it.

Family and Pets

Get the Look You Want

With a Little Help from John Moore

Ready to revamp your kitchen or bathroom? You’ve come to the right place! Not only does John Moore have reputable plumbers and a solid renovation team on-hand, but we also offer full bathroom and kitchen design consultation services. Whether you want a rustic-chic kitchen or a sleek, contemporary bathroom, our in-house design team can help you pick the right fixtures, appliances, cabinets, countertops, and floors to make your vision come to life. And because John Moore has been a trusted name in Houston home services since 1965, we can coordinate each installation team so that your home remodel goes as smoothly as possible.

Family Friendly Financing for Every Budget

Leaving Your Home Better than We Found It

We understand that sometimes repair work can’t wait. We also know that major renovations can be difficult to budget for, which is why John Moore provides 0% down financing to qualifying homeowners. If you need to fix a wall or have a busted faucet, you shouldn’t have to wait or bust the bank paying to fix it. And if you’ve been thinking about a new look for your home for a while, we would be happy to help you come up with a payment plan.

To learn more about our low-cost financing plans, visit our financing page.

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