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As a one stop shop for all your home services needs, John Moore can coordinate every step of the cabinet repair and replacement process or have custom cabinets built for you.
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Cabinet Installation

Cabinet Solutions for Every Budget

Financing and Payment Plans Included!

Our expert team is adept at efficient removal and installation of cabinet systems both large and small, and we treat each project with the same care we would show our own homes. Our commitment to service and craftsmanship is unparalleled.

We work closely with you to identify your cabinetry needs and create solutions that fit your sense of style. As a whole home services company, we can address other repair issues along the way, too, including problems with water damage, plumbing, electricity, countertops, and pests.

Cabinets serve several a few critical functions in your home: they are an integral part of home organization, keeping your belongings stored and easy to find; they also keep wires, electronics, and other items out of sight for formal settings or a cleaner look; and in your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom, cabinets may house pipes and plumbing, too. However, like any component of the home, cabinets are subject to wear and tear over time.

Ready for new cabinets or repairs but don’t know if they’re in your budget? John Moore has your back! With our easy to manage financing and payment plans, you can get the cabinets you need when you need them.

What to Look For

Sure Signs of Cabinets in Distress

So, what are some specific reasons for getting new cabinets or calling us for repair? Moisture from leaky pipes, flooding, or unchecked humidity can intrude your cabinets and cause them to rot and swell over time. Mildew and mold can also grow along any surface left wet for too long, Termite infestation and rodents can wreak havoc on wooden cabinets as well, forming unsightly holes. Wear and tear can take its toll, too, aging a cabinet and leaving it inoperable or dingy.

If you’ve noticed water damage, it’s important to call us right away to stop the leak and conduct repairs. The faster we act, the easier it may be to save your cabinets. Likewise, you should call John Moore for problems with sizing and space.

Do you have a new oven that needs to fit into the gap between your kitchen cabinets? We can modify your cabinet system to make room. Looking to expand your storage options? We can install cabinetry anywhere in your house and even craft custom storage solutions just for your needs. Even if you’re just tired of your old cabinets and want a new look, John Moore’s expert team can work with you to identify new designs that will bring life back to your home.

Inspecting Cabinets

From Shelf to Shell

Components of a Cabinet

It’s important to understand each component of your cabinet to both understand your options and make clear choices in selecting replacements or parts for repair. The chart below names the different parts of a standard cabinet and provides a simple explanation of function.

Cabinet Cutaway
1. Door The front panel of your cabinet that opens and closes, keeping items in your cabinet safe and hidden.
2. Drawer A hollow compartment that slides in and out of a cabinet.
3. Foot/Toe Kick Found on floor cabinets; consists of a horizontal overhang and a vertical board that form a 90 degree angle, creating a space underneath the cabinet that makes room for your toes when you stand near the counter.
4. Shell The outer sides and backing of the cabinet. Provides the cabinet with its shape and protects your belongings inside from falling out, from animals and children, and from being seen by guests.
5. Baseboard Board that forms the bottom of the cabinet.
6. Shelves Planks- typically made out of wood- that are arranged at varying heights horizontally throughout the cabinet to allow storage of different items.
7. Hinges Metal brackets that attach a door to a cabinet. May be found on the inside or outside of the cabinet and can be made of brass, steel, or bronze plating. More intricate hinges may include hand chiseled designs and scrollwork. Allow the door of a cabinet to open and close.
8. Rail Two metal lips that sit horizontal along the inside of a cabinet to allow a drawer to slide in and out of the cabinet.
9. Knobs Globe or handle shaped protrusion that allows you to open and close your cabinet door. May be made of almost any material and are often hand crafted. More common options for material include porcelain, wood, brass, steel, clay, and glass.

Stress Free Installations for Every Situation Homeowners Face

From Flood Damage to Remodeling

You might find yourself needing to call us for cabinet services for a variety of reasons, whether you’re recovering from flood damage or simply remodeling your kitchen. No matter what situation you’re facing, we start with a consultation to get a clear picture of what’s going on. We are committed to solving your cabinet problem with solutions that suit your sense of style, fulfil their needed function, and bring new life to your home.

During our consultation, we’ll assess whether the area behind and surrounding the cabinets has suffered any damage and needs repairs as well. As a whole home service company, we can handle other problems you may be facing at the same time, so you never need to worry about managing multiple work teams with varying schedules and work styles.

Once any initial needed repairs have been made...

we’ll pull out your old cabinets and fit and install the new ones. When we’ve finished, we’ll clean up the area and ensure we leave no trace of our crew behind.

The cabinet selection process could vary depending on your unique situation. Each scenario has its own pacing and schedule, but many simpler jobs can be completed in only a few days. For more complex installations or custom orders, there may be a longer wait time involved. However, we work hard to give you an accurate estimate for cost and timing up front and always strive to work within your schedule.


Cleaning Up After Water Damage

Protecting Your Cabinets and Home from Mold

If you’ve recently noticed a leak in your home or have experienced flooding, your cabinets may need some serious attention. Water damage can cause cabinets to swell and rot, creating a breeding ground for mold. Moldy cabinets not only ruin belongings stored within, but they can also place you and your family at risk.

If you suspect a water leak, give our team a call. Once the area is dried and we can assure mold growth has been taken care of, our plumbers will repipe and fix any damaged pipes. Once your pipes are in order, we’ll assess whether repairs are possible for your cabinets or whether you’ll need a whole cabinet replacement.

If a replacement is needed, we’ll work to identify exactly what you’re looking for and help you look at options within your budget. We can provide custom and prefabricated cabinets and will size them to the appropriate space.

Because mold can set in so quickly and cause such immediate destruction, we know you will want to replace your cabinets as soon as possible, which is why we offer family friendly financing. Let our team help your family get back on track today!


The Right Fit for the Right Space

Resizing your Cabinets

Are you looking to add a new fixture to your bathroom? Nearby cabinets will usually need to be resized to accommodate the perfect fit. Likewise, to place a sink you may need to have a vanity’s countertop altered. Maybe you’re adding a new oven, dishwasher, or microwave to your kitchen? If you’ve already bought an appliance but don’t have room with your existing cabinets call John Moore to make the adjustments needed to your home cabinet systems. Our crew also includes a countertop team for fitting in new sinks and other countertop inserts.

Organizing Your Life

Adding Storage Options to Your Home

Have you ever wanted to reorganize your house to make finding your belongings simpler? With the right cabinets, every item has its place; clean-up becomes as simple as tucking away your valued belongings on the right shelf. By maximizing vertical and horizontal storage space with an attractive and easy to use shelving system, cabinets provide a unique organizational solution anywhere in your home.

A variety of storage systems are available on the market that suit both form and function, seamlessly integrating as beautiful furnishings while also maximizing your options for keeping the home clean and orderly. Whether you want a multi-purpose island for your kitchen, a filing hut for your office, or a handyman’s bench system for your garage, John Moore can help you realize your vision for a clutter free life.

If needed, we can even work with one of Houston’s finest local cabinet makers to customize a design just for you.


Go Your Own Way

Custom Storage from Houston Artists

If you’re looking for a timeless work of art that can’t be replicated, we recommend custom cabinet work. For this, John Moore works closely with a master cabinet maker whose shop is operated right out of Houston. After initial consultations to find out what you need in terms of cabinet sizing, budget, and preferred style, a John Moore technician will sit down with you to draw out your dream cabinet system. At this stage, you’ll be able to tell us everything you want from your cabinets, down to custom carved doors, exact wood stains, and knobs that complement the construction of your cabinets.

Once your custom designed cabinets are set and ordered, the cabinet maker can be brought in to discuss any last details with you directly. Be aware that the craftsmanship of these cabinets demands extra time to perfect. However, we think you’ll agree that these one-of-a-kind pieces of art are well worth the wait.

Maybe your home library needs glass front cabinets to display your collection of antique books. We can design a system that not only shows off your collection but also keeps your books and collectibles dust-free and safe from heat, moisture, children and pets. If you’re looking for a system to keep the kid’s playroom tidy, we’ve got you covered there, too. We’ll help you size out a cabinet that’s just the right height for your youngest family members with designs that can grow with them over time.

Are you looking for more storage in the media room? We can create a sleek system to house your sound equipment, flat screen, and Blu-Ray collection so that your media system can be kept safe and tucked away until you are ready to sit down for a film or your favorite show.

Guided by your vision and our master craftsman’s talent, we can design functional cabinet systems for any room in your home.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Cabinets

Upgrade Your Living Space

Is your home’s design stuck in the past? As cabinets age, they can begin to look dingy and even start to fall apart. Shelves aren’t meant to last forever, and with too much time and weight even the best cabinets can begin to fall apart. Bring your home interior forward to the 21st century with updated cabinets that show off your sense of style. Our team can help you select from custom or prefabricated options ranging in style from timeless, elegant classics to bold, modern designs.

Need to make sure your remodeling fits your budget? John Moore offers financing and will work with you to get your cabinet project started while you choose a payment plan that is right for you.

Not ready to give up on the old cabinets just yet? We can repaint them for a fresh look that saves you money.

Cabinet Doors

John Moore’s Cabinet Warranty

Customer service and a job well done is a priority here at John Moore. We want you to feel comfortable in your home after we’ve left, but that can be difficult in the rare case that something goes wrong, which is why each of our cabinets come with a standard one year labor warranty. Save for user abuse or Acts of God, we will return any time within a year of installation to make repairs to any cabinets we install. Likewise, any custom or prefabricated cabinet purchased through our team comes with standard manufacturer's warranties that typically range for up to five years.

Ready for cabinets that will last you a lifetime? Call John Moore today at 713-730-2525 to schedule a consultation.