Five Reasons To Refresh Your Bathroom With A New Tub or Shower

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Considering refreshing your bathroom with a new tub or shower? Here are five added benefits that you may not have considered:

    1. Increased Accessibility
      Replacing your tub or shower is the perfect time to think about the design and what would make bathing a better experience for you – now and in the years ahead. While this could be incorporating a built-in soap dish and toiletry shelf in an easier place to reach, it could also be building in some safety elements such as built-in benches, a skid-proof floor, or a hand-held shower wand. Choosing a curbless, walk-in or roll-in design provides an accessible and safer bathing experience without having to step over a rim / barrier or climb in and out of a tub. A little planning ahead now can lead to more independence later. During your design consultation with the John Moore design team, feel free to discuss building some extra safety and accessibility features into your new bathroom design.
    2. Easier Maintenance
      A new tub or shower can mean no more scrubbing grout between tiles! No more dingy tub that never looks clean! You don’t have to take it anymore. Now that you know what you don’t like about your tub or shower, use that knowledge to ensure that your new bathroom won’t have the same issues. Manufacturers are continuously addressing common homeowner complaints by developing new products, such as mold and mildew resistant wall surrounds or frameless glass doors that resist streaks and build-up. Talk to the John Moore bath renovation and remodeling team about your likes and dislikes so that we can incorporate your preferences into your custom design. John Moore offers an extensive product selection from major brands and manufacturers, giving you access to a wide variety of styles and technological enhancements.
    3. Updated Look
      A new tub or shower can completely change the whole look of your room. The changes can be as drastic as the sparkle of a pristinely white new tub or as major as removing a tub/shower combo to create a spacious, walk-in shower. Now is the time to incorporate the features and style that you have always wished your bathroom had. Tired of mildewed shower curtains? Install a sleek shower door instead. Treat yourself to a rain shower showerhead or a jetted jacuzzi style tub. Add an second wall mounted sprayer or hand-held shower wand. Let us know what styles and features you want in your new bathroom. John Moore has the designers and expertise to help you make your vision a reality in your home.
    4. Shower Pressure
      When was the last time you changed your showerhead? If it has been a while, you may not have even noticed the subtle loss of water pressure that happens over time due to calcium deposits and build-up. But all it takes is a stay at a nice hotel to remind you just how invigorating a shower with actual water pressure can feel. Bring that experience home to your own shower! The John Moore plumbing team can take a look and see what needs to be done to restore the pressure and give you a shower worth waking up for each day. Common causes of a lack of water pressure in the shower include: an aerator that is caked in mineral deposits, a leak/hole in a pipe, a faulty pressure regulator, or even an issue with your home’s water softener. Our skilled John Moore plumbing technicians are trained to detect and resolve these issues in a quick and efficient manner. Often, installing a new shower head and tub spout may be all your shower needs to restore its water pressure and stylish appearance. A new showerhead and tub spout package from John Moore also includes a new shower riser pipe (the pipe that connects the showerhead to the stub-out of the bathtub).
    5. Save money by going from a tub to a shower
      It’s no surprise that taking a quick shower uses less water than taking a bath. And using less hot water also means a savings in energy costs as well. Of course, the actual amount of savings is dependent on the size of your bathtub, the length of your shower, and the efficiency/flow of your showerhead. Keeping your showers under 10 minutes is key to maximizing your savings. Showers longer than that start to surpass the capacity of the average bathtub.

    Choosing a respected and reputable company like John Moore has its benefits too. John Moore is a family-owned company that has been serving homeowners in our hometown of Houston since 1965. We are committed to providing extraordinary customer service and stand behind our work with a John Moore Quality Guarantee. Contact our Kitchen and Bath Renovations team to discuss your project and see the John Moore difference for yourself!