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Why Do You Need Home Surge Protection?


Surge Protection Featured
May 22, 2024

Why Do You Need Home Surge Protection?

Installing home surge protection should be one of the many safety measures you take to secure your property. Many homeowners believe they already have an adequate defense against electrical spikes with power strips. Unfortunately, they are not an effective solution—some are only glorified extension cords that offer minimal protection.
A whole-house surge protection system will provide the most comprehensive safety net available. Here’s what you need to know about this type of system and why it’s so important.

How Does a Surge Protector Work?

A surge protector can shield electrically powered equipment against voltage spikes. It creates a stopgap between an electric outlet and what’s plugged into it to regulate the incoming voltage instead of letting in excess power.

A surge protector has a component, such as a metal oxide varistor or gas discharge arrestor, that diverts surplus energy to ground wires when it detects an increase in the voltage on the power line. After re-routing the extra current, the voltage returns to normal levels while powering the plugged equipment.

Guarding against surges is best approached with a multi-layered solution: a whole-home surge protection system to handle big power spikes combined with an individual circuit suppressor for highly sensitive appliances and electronic devices.

What Devices Receive Protection from a Surge Protector?

Home surge protection stops surges where power distribution occurs—at the breaker panel. The surge protector sits between the power grid and your house’s breaker box, suppressing high-voltage spikes from flowing into hard-wired equipment such as the water heater, air conditioning unit, furnace, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

 It can also cover smaller appliances like the microwave, dishwasher, and coffeemaker, as well as electronics, including computers, TVs, and gaming consoles. Remember that anything plugged into an electrical outlet may sustain damage from power surges. Modern electronics are susceptible to damage, particularly those with digital displays, computer boards, and electronic circuitry.

Since a whole-house surge protector cannot stop all spikes, a point-of-use circuit suppressor may be necessary to handle random fluctuations inside your home and excess voltage leaks. Together, these components protect all home electrical devices and equipment against sudden current increases.

Why Install a Whole-Home Surge Protection System

Below are compelling reasons to have a whole-home surge protection system installed by qualified Houston electricians.

Prevent Damage from High Power Surges

Homeowners benefit from whole-house surge protectors because of their capacity to stop a minimum of a 40,000-amp surge. Such voltage spikes can occur because of downed power lines, malfunctioning power transformers, or sudden demand increases from industrial facilities. Lightning strikes, while rare, may also cause power surges. 

A multi-pronged approach to protecting against voltage spikes decreases the likelihood of instantly burning or frying the circuitry, motherboards, controls, and displays in your appliances and devices. The damage to these components caused by power surges often requires extensive repairs or total replacement.

Eliminate Small, Frequent Spikes

Sometimes the most damaging surges don’t come from the outside but inside your home. While less dramatic, small voltage spikes can occur when power-intensive appliances cycle or turn on and off, such as refrigerators, microwaves, A/C, or dryers.

If left unaddressed, these minor but frequent power fluctuations can burn the connections on circuit boards. Spikes of a little over the 120-volt standard degrade delicate components faster, shortening the equipment’s lifespan. Plug-in surge protectors are buffers between outlets and appliances against excess voltage leaks in the wiring.

Safeguard Your Investment

Surge protection comes with a cost—installing a whole-house protection system will set you back, depending on its extent and complexity. A licensed electrician can provide a quote that includes the materials and labor, but the total cost isn’t usually excessive.


Think of this addition to your home as an investment that will protect your high-tech electronics and big-ticket appliances. A surge protection system guards against burned circuitry, fried motherboards, or lost data because of dangerous and irregular voltage, which can prolong their useful life. 

Protect Your Home with John Moore Services

Whole-home surge protection gives you peace of mind in knowing that the investments in your residence are safe from harmful voltage spikes. Allow John Moore electricians to install Eaton Cutler suppressors to protect your electrical system from a sudden and unexpected surplus current.

With over 50 years of experience, we offer superior installation services to ensure the best protection. We also check whether you have proper wiring and sufficient grounding—a surge protector cannot work correctly when these issues are unaddressed.

Contact us today to learn how a home surge protection system can help prevent power surges in your home.

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