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Why You Need a Whole House Generator


Natural disasters have become statistically more common over the last 60 years. Hurricanes have decimated homes and powerlines in Houston with some degree of regularity, and it seems unlikely this will change any time soon. 

If you are preparing your home for hurricane season—or want an extra layer of protection for your family in case the power unexpectedly goes out—consider a whole house generator.

When to Use a Whole House Generator

You never know when disaster will strike—and you cannot prevent power loss if an electrical line is broken or a fuse box is damaged. Like hurricanes, most events that cause the power to go out are beyond your control. You can’t stop a bus from ramming into a utility pole, nor can you prevent a tree from falling onto power lines.

In these uncertain times, a whole house generator can power your home indefinitely until the necessary repairs are complete. With a generator on standby, your family can return to business as usual. Remote workers can stay on time at work, and emergency medical equipment can stay powered. You can even charge your devices, cook with electrical appliances, and use hot water without fear of contamination.

Whole House Generators Keep You Safe

Without power, you risk injury or illness due to extreme weather conditions, loss of heating or cooling systems, and the inability to power medical devices and other essential items. Additionally, flooding often accompanies hurricanes, so you’ll likely have to turn off your circuit breaker. When weathering a storm, you want to be geared up with a flood-proof, long-lasting generator for hurricane conditions.

Many people elect to purchase portable generators as a cheaper alternative. Although a seemingly sensible move to the typical buyer, most homeowners do not realize portable generators are less safe than whole house generators. Over the past ten years, hundreds of Americans have died from inhaling carbon monoxide created by portable generators. 

Unlike portable generators, whole house generators come with an extensive array of safety features—and are specifically designed to be used over extended periods. Portable generators tend to catch fire more frequently, especially over long uses or when airflow is poor. 

Longevity is another critical differentiator. Most top-rated full home generators can power your home for up to 13 days, far longer than portable generators are built to run.

Whole House Generators Can Last for Decades

Two concerns people have when purchasing a generator are that it will break or they will wind up moving. Fortunately, these concerns can be put to rest. Whole house generators have shown to be consistently dependable and safe over time, and generators also increase a home’s resale value (and therefore pay for themselves if a move occurs). 

Generac generators last up to 30 years, and residential Kohler generators can last up to 3,000 hours—or more. Many Kohler and Generac generators have run for 4,000 hours! Generators should undergo maintenance and inspection annually and be cleaned regularly to maximize operational life. 

For many homebuyers, an installed whole house generator is one of the greatest selling points. This is especially true in cities like Houston, that lose power more frequently. Additionally, by turning on your generator while on vacation, you avoid plumbing disasters from sump pump failure.

A Generator Helps You in Times of Need

Whole house generators have many other advantages over portable generators, like being quieter, more efficient, accepting alternate energy sources, and lasting longer. No matter the situation, it is essential to have a whole house generator on hand. Those who own generators can protect their family during hurricanes, host neighbors in case of home emergencies, and feed and provide clean water to their local community.

Not all generators are created equally, and many people make the mistake of buying a generator too powerful for their homes. If you want guidance when purchasing a generator, contact John Moore Services online for a free quote, or call us at 713-730-2525 to book an appointment.