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The Electricity Minder Can Save You Up to 25% on Monthly Bills

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Everybody knows the basics of saving money on the electric bill — turning off the lights when we leave a room, set the thermostat at a moderate temperature, and use fans and shade to keep our home cool. These small tricks can amount to real savings. If you knew there was a way to save 25% on your monthly electricity bills, would you consider doing it? Well, John Moore’s Electricity Minder does just that!

What in the world is an Electricity Minder?

All homes are made up of systems that require electricity to run, the largest being the HVAC system, which accounts for almost half of your electricity bill. A typical home is also filled with appliances like a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, and microwave, and these use a lot of electricity too. But the thing is unless your HVAC system and all your appliances are 100% energy efficient they are going to consume a lot more energy than they should. And this extra consumption is something that you end up paying for every single month.

“The Electricity Minder is an energy saver. It recycles the wasted electricity that you would normally be sending back to the energy company and get charged for,” said John Moore Services Electrical Manager David Floyd. “It reduces the amount of money you’re going to spend on your electric bill and offers surge protection as well.”

According to the Department of Energy, over $16 billion of electricity is unusable energy but billable in the United States. But the Electricity Minder is able to recycle all that unusable energy produced by the motor appliances in your home. That way you can power your home with recycled energy and not have to purchase as much each month from the power company. This will make your home much more energy efficient.

The Electricity Minder offers the following:

  • Quick installation process on your breaker panel
  • Save up to 25% on monthly power bills
  • Safeguards your home against power surges
  • Has a life expectancy of 25 years
  • Can be used for both residential and commercial
  • Rainproof and works on indoor and outdoor installation

Where is it installed?

If you want to save on all motor items in your home then the Electricity Minder should be installed on your main breaker panel. All electricity in your home goes through that box, so it will recycle the energy and you will get the maximum amount of savings possible.

“You can also hook up the Electricity Minder to a single appliance, such as your air conditioner,” said Floyd. “Because your AC is the largest consumer of electricity some people opt to hook it up only to their unit and will save money only when the unit is running. But by hooking it up to the main breaker panel you are saving money on all units, your AC system, dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, condenser, and all other running appliances in your home.”

What type of home is ideal for the Electricity Minder?

 Because the Electricity Minder helps to make a house more energy efficient, the ideal type of home to get one is an older home with older, less efficient equipment. But that doesn’t mean that all houses cannot benefit from it.

“Older houses usually don’t have the latest most up-to-date appliances and equipment installed,” said Floyd. “And even if your home is new it does not mean it was installed with the most efficient type of kitchen equipment or other appliances. By installing an energy saver in any type of home, you are going to notice the difference. Your savings might not be as substantial in a new house as it is in an older home with older appliances, but that doesn’t mean you will not notice a difference in savings. And on top of saving energy, it offers surge protection, which is something that every household needs no matter its age.”

So there you have it. By installing one single item to your home, you can save up to 25% on your monthly bills. That amounts to hefty annual savings! If you are interested in learning more about the Electricity Minder, contact the expert electricians at John Moore Services.

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