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Stay Healthy And Hydrated In The Heat With A Water Filtration System

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As much as we hate to state the obvious, this time we just can’t help ourselves. It’s hot. For the past few months temperatures have been in the mid to high 90’s, but once humidity is factored in, it feels like it’s well over 100 degrees. And when it’s constantly this hot outside making sure to stay hydrated should be a top priority, especially when the heat index is over 105 degrees. Limiting your water intake during the extreme heat is directly related to having heat stroke, which is the number one weather related cause of death in the United States. You may think you get enough water, but the truth is that most people don’t drink as much as they should.

Getting a Home Water Filtration System in Houston

Want the simple truth? It’s the way that our bodies regulate our temperature and are able to rid themselves of toxins. Also, our bodies are made up of 70% water, so a steady supply of water is necessary to help the body function properly. When we get too hot, our bodies begin to sweat, which then helps to cool them down. But all that sweat needs to be replaced because moisture has left our bodies, and that’s when good ol’ agua comes in. At the same time, hydration is also one of the primary ways that our bodies can detox. Proper hydration also makes sure that nutrients are supplied to our tissues and that fat is burned (shout out to those of you getting their bikini bod ready!). Lastly, having the right level of hydration in your body increases your metabolism. Our question is: why wouldn’t you hydrate?

So, how much water should you be drinking?

A good way to determine how much water you need during the summer months in Texas is to take your body weight and divide that number by two. That figure is the number of ounces of water you’ll need to take in every day. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you’ll want to drink 75 ounces of water a day. Of course, that’s just a ballpark figure. If you’re doing some strenuous activity or exercising, you’ll want to drink about 8 ounces of water every 20 minutes. Don’t feel like doing math? Just know that on average, persons who weigh between 150 and 200 pounds should be drinking 3 liters of water a day, or about 13 glasses of water. Don’t weigh that much? DOESN’T MATTER! Drink 3 liters a day, and you will always be properly hydrated.

Useful Tips To Stay Healthy and Hydrated in Houston’s Summer Heat

  • Always have water close by. Have it near to you and constantly take drinks of water. You can easily keep it at your desk or in your car, and keep it with you when you’re taking an evening walk. Easily forgetful? Get in the habit of leaving a bottle of water next to your car keys so you grab and go! Even if the water is warm, it’ll still keep you hydrated. Actually, drinking warm water makes it very easy to break down food and also help the process of digestion. It also helps the process of perspiration, something essential in hot areas.
  • Before every meal, drink a glass of water. It’ll keep you hydrated and it’ll also help to suppress hunger!
  • Have a glass of water before bed! It helps your body refill the fluids it lost throughout the day from normal activity. Because you are not working as hard while you sleep, your body doesn’t need to release as many fluids. When you provide it with water before you to go bed, it simply refills its necessary levels.
  • Whenever you use the bathroom, drink a glass of water. This will help to replenish any fluids that you lost.
  • Make sure to find a bottle that fits your style, so drinking won’t be as boring. Nowadays, there are hundreds upon hundreds of water bottles, bags and other containers available. If you really want to be good and get your daily 3 liters of H2O, buy a bottle that holds exactly 3 liters of water. That way, when you end the day and the bottle is empty, you can be sure you got what was needed! Some cool options people are using are large mason jars with cool, ice cream shop style straws, water “bags” that aren’t bulky and can fit easily into purses and briefcases, and bottles that come with their own built-in filter so you can always get clean water.
  • Spice it up. Slice up your favorite fruits and toss them into a clear water bottle. This not only makes your water look fun and tasty, but you will have a healthy, fresh treat when you are done drinking. Think of it as your “sweet” reward for staying hydrated.
  • Eat and drink lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Fruits are great sources of water, and they also provide you with energy for the day. Also, certain vegetables like cucumbers and bell peppers are water-rich, so they will help you keep hydrated, too. You can have fruits and veggies as a snack on their own, but if you want to step it up a notch, start juicing! Juicing and blending have been the talk of the town lately, and they really do have amazing benefits that taste great. If you have a juicer already, you know the drill: stick your favorite combination of fruits and/or veggies in there and – bam – juice. For something a little heartier, keep the fiber by blending. Blending is good because in addition to using the fruits and veggies to make a delicious smoothie, you can add more water to make it thinner and more juice-like. Having a summer get together at your place? Surprise and impress your family and friends with some refreshing juices and smoothies to keep them hydrated while they relax in the hot Houston sun!
  • Have a good water filter system for zero excuses. One of the reasons that many people don’t drink enough water is because they don’t like the way their tap water tastes and they don’t want to bother with the hassle of bottled water. By having a professionally installed water filtration system in your home, you will always have plenty of drinkable tap water on hand.
  • Make plans to stay hydrated. If you work outside during the summer or will be outside for extended periods of time, it’s important to plan your water intake. Drink water the night before AND right before you start to work or play. If you wait until you think you need water, its too late and you are already on the dangerous road to being dehydrated.

Who knew drinking water could be fun AND delicious? By making sure your family and friends are drinking the proper amount of water each day, you are helping to keep them healthy. We at John Moore Services want you to stay hydrated and start the school year off right, so have a glass of water on us!