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Houstonians in Wilchester Have Relied on the Dependable Team at John Moore for Over 50 Years

Just north of Buffalo Bayou rests the cozy subdivision of Wilchester. Most homes in Wilchester were built in the 1960s, an era when contractors commonly used galvanized steel pipes for water lines. However, in the decades since the 1960s, galvanized steel has come to show its true colors, those colors being the rusty red and chalking white that characterize the corrosion that quickly builds up in this unreliable piping material. The rapid deterioration of galvanized steel causes a plethora of problems in your pipes, including rust-contaminated water, and pinhole leaks waiting to burst into major leak emergencies.

Plumbers today advise Wilchester homeowners to replace old galvanized pipes (along with cracking-prone CPVC pipes) with PEX pipes sooner than later.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

Plumbing repair & inspections, Standard and tankless water heater repair & installation, Whole-house re-piping services, Rooter & drain clean services, Sewer stoppage & replacement, Water softeners & filtration, Slab leak detection & repair, Sinks - tubs - faucets - garbage disposals

If you have a burst pipe gushing water in your home or another plumbing emergency, call on the John Moore plumbers for help at 713-730-2525.

If You’ve Got Galvanized Pipes in your Wilchester Home, a PEX Repipe is in Order

Is your home still operating on old pipes that are contaminating your water supply? The answer is likely ‘yes’ if you have not had a repipe. Here’s why: most Wilchester homes were built in 1965, a time when many potable water systems were constructed with rust-prone galvanized steel. As galvanized pipes deteriorate, rust particles break off and contaminate your water. Pinhole leaks also emerge, which eventually cause pipes to burst and gush water in all directions, destroying your home. If your house was constructed with CPVC pipes, your home is also at risk of water line flooding because CPVC pipes become brittle after a few years, setting them up for major cracks and leaks.

If you are the original owners of a Wilchester home, you likely know whether or not your galvanized steel or CPVC pipes have been replaced. However, if you are a newer member of the community, you might need to do a little research on your home before you can say what types of pipes you have behind your walls for sure.

In any case, signs like rust in your water and water spots on the ceiling indicate that your home is screaming for a repipe. Plumbers today suggest repiping older homes with PEX pipes. PEX is the most reliable and affordable piping material on the market today.

Whole-Home Filtration Systems in Wilchester

Wilchester gets its tap water from The City of Houston. With so much industrial success in Houston, it’s no surprise that there are some untrustworthy bi-products lurking in the city’s water supply. Wilchester’s tap water is safe to drink, although it carries trace amounts of toxins that pose health risks if consumed on a regular basis. Contaminants like cyanide and uranium seep into the water supply from surrounding industrial plants; other toxins enter the supply as a water treatment by-product.

Rather than dealing with the hassle of refilling water jugs or replacing faucet filters for clean water, call on the water quality specialists at John Moore to install a whole-home water filtration system. By inserting a water filter at the main source, all water that enters your home is purified, creating a safe environment for you and your family to wash, bathe, and drink from.

Complete the comfort of your Wilchester home with a new whole-home water filtration system, or any other water quality solution from John Moore. To get started, call us today at 713-730-2525, or schedule an appointment online.

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