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In the Heights, you really do see a blend of everything: new townhomes towering over bungalow homes, teardowns next to long-standing victorian homes, and native Houstonians living aside newcomers. With this blend of everything new and old, you can bet that John Moore is called out to perform a wide range of upgrades and plumbing repairs in the Heights.

From repiping and main line repairs to installing water filtration systems and providing maintenance services, let’s just say we’ve done it all. And just like the Heights, John Moore has been around a long time—more than fifty years. We’ve remained as Houston’s trusted plumbers because we keep customers, like you, informed every step of the way. We believe an educated decision is the best decision for you and your home.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

  • Plumbing repair & inspections
  • Tankless and standard water heater repair & installation
  • Whole-house re-piping services
  • Rooter & drain clean services
  • Sewer stoppage & replacement
  • Water softeners & filtration
  • Slab leak detection & repair
  • Sinks
  • tubs
  • faucets
  • garbage disposals

Is there a major leak or sewage backup in your home right now? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525 for an appointment with a certified plumber in the Heights.

pex pipe

Consider Our Repiping Services before Remodeling Your Heights Area Home

If you own an older home in the Heights and are planning a renovation, remember that function is just as important as aesthetics. Selecting the perfect look for your new kitchen and bathroom can be exciting, but you also want to ensure that your plumbing system is in good condition to prevent damage to your newly renovated home. Many older homes in the Heights have galvanized pipes that are rusting from the inside out. As rust eats through the pipes, pinholes allow water to escape that can damage your walls, your floors, and lead to an expensive mildew problem. If you’re unsure whether or not your pipes are rusting, check for brown or reddish rust spots on the potable water pipes in your attic or check for brown-tinted water coming out of faucets that haven’t been turned on for a few days.

To solve your rusting pipe problem, John Moore offers both horizontal and whole-house repipes. By choosing to go with a whole-house repipe, you’ll know that every pipe in your home has been replaced with advanced PEX piping. PEX piping outperforms both galvanized and PVC pipes. PEX piping doesn’t rust, and with fewer connections than PVC pipes, it won’t buckle under the high pressure of your potable water system.

Ready to upgrade to PEX pipes in your home? Schedule a consultation to learn more about John Moore’s repiping services.

Expert Sewer Main Line Repairs for Heights Area Homes by Experienced John Moore Plumbers

Sewer stoppages are common in older neighborhoods like the Heights because many homes built before the 80s still have cast iron sewer lines that are prone to rusting and snapping over time. When your home’s main sewer line has a hole in it, nearby tree roots seeking fertile soil will creep into your sewer line causing a blockage that prohibits your waste water from draining properly. You’ll probably notice something’s wrong when funky smelling water starts backing up out of your drains and your toilets start making strange noises when you take a shower.

If you are experiencing waste water backing up into your home, John Moore’s expert plumbers will clear the obstruction and identify where the stoppage is, whether it’s under your home, under your yard, or under the street in front of your home. Depending on the cause and location of the stoppage, John Moore will propose the most logical solution to repair your main line, which can range from a reroute, a tunnel repair, or replacing your main line entirely. After consulting with you, we will replace the entire pipe or sections of the pipe with schedule 40 PVC to prevent the likelihood of future obstructions.

Learn more about main line repairs from our expert plumbers in The Heights by calling 713-730-2525.


Professionally Installed Water Filtration, Water Softeners, & Water Quality Solutions for The Heights

Like the rest of Houston, the Heights is no stranger to water quality issues. Limescale, calcium, and magnesium wreak havoc on your fixtures and appliances. And what about the invisible contaminants that we drink and bathe in every day? No doubt that Houston is known for many great things, but with high levels of contaminants, our water quality is certainly not one of them.

To ensure that every drop of water coming through your tap is safe for eating, drinking, and bathing, John Moore can install a whole-house water filtration system that eliminates thousands of contaminants including chlorine and harmful byproducts. And to protect your beautiful fixtures and even your hair and skin, you can talk to one of John Moore’s certified plumbers about a water softener for your home.

Concerned about the water you’re drinking? Contact John Moore for a consultation and expert advice on water quality solutions for your home.

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