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From Copperfield Place and Easton Commons to Southdown and Westcreek Villages, John Moore has become a trusted home services provider and longstanding community member of Copperfield. The area’s 2,000-plus acres lends a quieter, hometown feel just north of the bustling Energy Corridor with its mix of older and newer homes, parks, and jogging trails.

With many of the residences in Copperfield built in the 1980s, John Moore has been called upon to tackle various plumbing issues caused by outdated plumbing systems. We’ve repaired thousands of pipe leaks, water heaters, and sewer stoppages over the years. We’re also called to perform minor plumbing services in Copperfield’s newer homes, such as drain cleaning, unclogging, and water treatment installations.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

  • Plumbing repair & inspections
  • Standard and tankless water heater repair & installation
  • Whole-house re-piping services
  • Rooter & drain clean services
  • Sewer stoppage & replacement
  • Water softeners & filtration
  • Slab leak detection & repair
  • Sinks - tubs - faucets - garbage disposals

Are you dealing with a major leak or sewage backup in your home? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525.

pex pipe

Potable Water Repiping in Copperfield

Older homes come with older pipes, which can eventually lead to costly damage to your home if leaks aren’t addressed immediately. If you live in an older home in Copperfield, look out for signs of damaged pipes, including tinted water or low water pressure. Most homeowners with galvanized pipes are repiping their entire home with PEX piping. This is because rusted, galvanized pipes eventually sprout leaks that lead to water damage throughout the home. Unlike copper and galvanized pipes, PEX piping does not rust or corrode, so you won’t have to worry about leaks or drinking rusty water. And by having your whole house repiped by John Moore, you’ll also get all new shut-off valves underneath sinks and toilets, type-L commercial grade copper hard pipes from your water heaters, and all new PEX pipes. We’ll even provide new hose bibbs and spigots to the outside of your home.

Looking for experienced plumbers to repipe your home in Copperfield? Call your neighbor, John Moore, at 713-730-2525 or schedule an appointment online.

Main Line Repair in Copperfield

Weird sounds coming from your toilet? Smelly water backing up from shower drains? These are signs that you may be dealing with a main line stoppage. Stoppages happen when sewage is unable to flow properly down your main line due to one of the following reasons: build-up in a section of the pipe that has dipped over time, broken cast iron, an old rotted line, or tree roots invading the pipe. Clogged main lines are common in older areas of Copperfield with homes surrounded by trees and operating on outdated pipes.

If this sounds like what’s happening in your home, John Moore‘s plumbers are just a call and a couple of miles away from Copperfield. From clearing out main line stoppages in Houston to complete replacement of main lines, you can rest assured in our fifty plus years of plumbing experience. We offer the longest labor warranties for Houston main line sewer replacements in addition to manufacturers’ warranties for parts.


Water Quality Solutions in Copperfield

The Galveston-Houston area, which includes Copperfield, draws its water from underground areas containing limestone and clay strata. With that comes traces of limestone, calcium, and magnesium from the earth that end up creating hard water in your home. If you’ve seen  hardened gunk around your sink and shower fixtures, that’s exactly what permanent hard water damage looks like. So before you decide to get beautiful new fixtures, think about how you’re going to prevent hard water damage from happening again in the future.

With John Moore’s water softener solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have water that is gentle on your home—and  on your clothes, hair, and skin. If you’re also concerned about the contaminants in your drinking and bathing water, John Moore can install carbon filters or a whole-home water filtration system to give you and your family safe, clean water to enjoy.

How do you install a water softener or water filtration system in your home? Call John Moore’s plumbers in Copperfield at 713-730-2525.

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We provide plumbing services in Copperfield neighborhoods including:
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