Sanitize Your Home After A Rodent Infestation With Nisus DSV

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If you hear the pitter-patter of little feet coming from your attic late at night, chances are you have a rodent infestation. This is bad for several reasons. First, rodents are gnawers and will destroy everything in your attic, including your air ducts and electrical wiring. Second, rodents are dirty creatures and are carriers of bacteria and viruses. That means that if you have rodents living in your attic, you and your family are exposed to some nasty diseases.

Removing rodents from your home and sealing off their entryways is enough to keep them out permanently, but unfortunately does nothing to get rid of the disease that they left behind. In order to sanitize your attic and make it safe for your entire household a heavy-duty cleaner must be used, and here at John Moore Services we use Nisus DSV.

“DSV stands for disinfectant, sanitize, and virucide and it does exactly what it sounds like,” said John Moore Services Pest Control Manager Brian Menn. “It kills 99.9% of all viruses and it is a product that is used in hospitals and nursing facilities where they can’t afford to have any bacteria.”

Where did it come from?

Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans a disaster. Not only were thousands of homes and buildings destroyed, but the city was also infested with disease and rodents. Nisus DSV was created immediately after Katrina to help pest control professionals prevent contamination of structures by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting them.

How does DVS work?

“When you have a rodent infestation their feces and urine will end up all over your attic,” said Menn. “All types of deadly viruses are carried in their droppings, which are also allergy triggers. Many times their feces will get inside the ventilation system, causing disease to spread throughout your home.”

The first step in the rodent removing process is exclusion. This includes trapping all rodents, removing them, and sealing up the outside of your home to ensure all access points for rodents have been properly closed with galvanized steel. This may take some time depending on how large the infestation is. Once the exclusion process is complete it’s time to use DSV.

“We don’t just spray DSV around the attic with a sprayer because with a sprayer you can only reach areas where a human can go,” said Menn. “We use a machine that is a fogger that turns the DSV into a very fine mist. We bring the machine into the attic and mist the entire space. The DSV turns into tiny droplets that will float into deep recesses of the attic where rodents can get to but a human is not able to reach.”

According to Menn, DSV will also eliminate all odors that rodents leave behind. This is important because rodents are basically blind and they find their way around by making a trail of urine that they follow. And by eliminating their smell, DSV adds another layer of prevention against rodent activity.

How can DSV protect my home?

DSV will safely and efficiently remove all bacteria, fungus and viruses such as Avian Influenza, Hepatitis B and C, influenza, swine flu, salmonella, and many others.

“We have had cases of the Hantavirus in Houston, and this is one that homeowners with rodent infestations should be concerned with,” said Menn. “It is easily spread through rodent urine and feces and can be especially dangerous for children, the elderly, or those with weakened immune systems.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Hantavirus is a deadly disease transmitted by infected rodents, and humans can easily contract the disease when they breathe in infected air. The disease was first recognized in 1993 and has since then been seen throughout the United States. Rodent control in and around the home remains the primary strategy for preventing this virus from spreading.

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