Improving Bathroom Accessibility and Safety

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If accessibility and/or mobility concerns are causing you to take a second look at your bathroom, John Moore is here to help. One of the most important jobs we have at John Moore is keeping our customers safe and happy in their homes.

Our home renovation team and our plumbing team are experts in bathrooms and have helped hundreds of Houston families remodel their baths to accommodate their safety and mobility needs. In fact, it is one of the top services that our remodeling team provides. John Moore is proud to offer no obligation, in-home design consultation services where you can speak directly with our team about your needs, your space, and your vision. Our team is highly trained and will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

Here are a few of the products we offer and install:

Roll-in or Curbless Showers
A roll-in or curbless shower provides direct access to your shower without having to step or roll over a raised threshold or ledge. Also referred to as universal access showers, this style of shower directs water safely down the drain without the use of a barrier. Roll-in or walk-in showers can vary in size and style. Shower chairs (permanently installed, fold-away or removeable models) and grab bars may be added as needed to improve the owner’s experience and safety.

Shower Chairs
Shower chairs come in several forms. The John Moore remodeling team can design a shower space with a permanent bench-style seat. For smaller showers where space may be a concern, we carry a variety of fold-away models that attach to the wall but can be folded when not needed. Or you may wish to utilize a standalone shower chair that can simply be placed in the shower when needed. Wheelchair transfer kits can also be installed to help make the transition from a wheelchair to the shower safer and easier.

Rails or Grab Bars
Grab bars or rails are used in a variety of places in the bathroom to improve safety, such as near and inside the shower or tub, and next to the toilet. The bars provide a secure place to grab onto for balance or a little extra support. Grab bars can also be used outside of the bathroom on any wall that you need them – near a chair lift, for example.

While many rails are more utilitarian than designer, it doesn’t have to be that way. Major fixture manufacturers carried by John Moore offer grab bars and rails that serve the same purpose while blending in with the other fixtures in your space. You no longer have to sacrifice safety for design.

Walk-in Bathtubs
You’ve probably seen commercials for the walk-in bathtub spas advertised on TV. Instead of ordering on TV, contact your trusted home service partner, John Moore. Our experienced plumbing and remodeling team offers and installs walk-in bathtubs. With a walk-in tub, you can walk right into the tub and close the door behind you. No stepping over the side of the tub! Plus, a walk-in tub has a raised seat that enables you to soak in the water without having to lay down or get up from a laying position in a slippery tub. Many models also come with heated jets to massage and soothe sore muscles.

If you would like more information about these products or how to improve the usability and safety of your home and bath, contact the John Moore team. We’ll be happy to set up a no-obligation appointment to discuss your specific needs and space. Call 713-730-2525 or request service online here.