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Cracked Toilet Base? Plumbing Problems Come In All Shapes

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The last thing you want to see when you walk into your bathroom is water on the floor around your toilet. This can be an indicator that the wax seal has failed around the base of the toilet or that the flange is loose. A crack on a toilet is damage that can’t be fixed. And a lot of times, cracks are hard to find which makes them a tricky plumbing problem to diagnose… you don’t want to admit it but…

You’re Going to Need a Plumber…

If you find a crack in your toilet, immediate action is needed because a small crack can become a flood in no time. Continue reading to learn what causes a cracked toilet and how they can be fixed to leave your bathroom dry and safe.

What Causes a Cracked Toilet?

Cracks that appear on a toilet are not picky, meaning that they can form anywhere on the toilet tank or bowl. Sometimes a crack may be present but will not leak for years, while others might start to leak immediately. The most common causes of cracks are:

Cracks From Repairs:

A toilet is a sensitive piece of equipment. It is made of porcelain and can crack or break very easily, and simple repairs are often the cause of a cracked toilet. For example, fixing a broken component inside the tank and putting the lid back on the tank too hard can cause the toilet to crack around its top. Also, tightening bolts around the bottom of the toilet too tightly can cause the base of the toilet to crack.

Cracks From Age

The older the cracked toilet, the less efficient it is and the more prone it is to cracking. And if there is a major temperature difference between the air outside the toilet and the water inside the tank, cracks will be more likely to develop, especially in older toilets.

Cracks From Accidents

For most of us, handling our toilets with care is not something that we think about. Leaning on or falling into the toilet, or even sitting down hard on it repeatedly, will cause the toilet to shift and possibly develop a crack.

What do I do if I find a crack?

 Cracks on a cracked toilet often form on the toilet tank. Some homeowners may attempt to seal the crack themselves, but this is only a temporary fix to buy some time and is never recommended. Replacing the toilet is only the only option when they appear, and it is important to do it quickly. You never know how long a crack hold, or which climate change will cause a complete failure in the crack.

Cracks on a cracked toilet also form in the toilet bowl, these cracks are considered a safety issue. According to John Moore Services Manager Joe Bany, the major concern with cracks inside the toilet bowl is that they will cause the toilet to rock or become loose. The larger the crack grows, the looser the toilet becomes, and if you fall or sit down hard on the toilet the bowl can shatter and you could become very seriously injured. The toilet needs to be replaced immediately.

Installing a toilet, or any other piece of equipment in your home, is a complex process and it is important to hire a professional who knows how to do it correctly. John Moore Services has experienced plumbers available to help make the installation process a breeze. Next time you find water around the base of your toilet, or experience any other plumbing problem, call the experts at John Moore Services.