Continuing Education & Training from NCI For HVAC Pros

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So you’re an HVAC industry professional, or know someone that is? Are you inspired to follow your dreams and know the sky is the limit? In a previous post, we pointed out that according to the National Comfort Institute, there is a huge shortage of specialized industry technicians that are certified and trained to do work like air balancing. Help us spread the word about how important continuing education and training is in this line of work.

The NCI teaches that excellence is an achievable goal, and works to elevate this industry to that standard. It’s a goal we share at John Moore Services: we don’t just respond to your calls or questions because we have to, we do it so we can put our skills to use and leave our customers feeling happy and satisfied with the work we have done. We deal with total home comfort. For professionals in the field, continuing education is a must. It’s one of the most important things we have stressed in past posts; the person is only as good as the amount of exposure he or she gets to new information going on the industry.

Not only does the NCI provide an extensive amount of information for people looking to get something done to their home’s most important systems, but they also go to great lengths to remind industry professionals that they don’t need to limit themselves. The opportunity for more training by some of the most knowledgeable people in cities all around the country is there- and we encourage everyone to take it.

And hey, who says it has to be all “business”? The NCI has training events in countless cities in the US, some new and exciting and some conveniently close. Either way, you will be sure to find something that makes your brow perk up with curiosity. Not to mention they have two huge conferences coming up in Nashville and San Diego, two cities that are surely worth the visit. Even becoming a member has its perks. The point is, just enough is just that- just enough. But going beyond that? That’s where excellence is found.

NCI Game Changer

NCI has truly changed the game in the industry. According to the NCI website, the institute has been working hard the past two decades to come up with a strategy for training industry professionals to know what they need to know- and more. NCI developed a program that is based on Performance-Based Contracting™. What’s that, you ask? It’s the concept that what you give a customer is much more than the job done; it’s also the job done well while at the same time connecting with the customer and helping them understand how their system works and what needs to be done. It really takes productivity and profitability to a new level.

According to the NCI, a contractor who practices Performance-Based Contracting™ delivers comfort, safety and energy efficiency with proven documented results. Through a thorough diagnosis of the entire system, customers will see their systems in a whole new way and understand just how valuable the service being done is. This approach not only teaches customers about their HVAC systems in simple terms, but it also points out real performance issues and plays a key role in differentiating one contractor from another. As we’ve stressed before, it’s always a good idea to do your research before hiring a contractor, and never hesitate to ask questions or address concerns beforehand.

NCI Training and Coaching

Training and coaching by NCI is year-round. All you need to do is head to their website and view their Training and Events schedule and register for a class near you. They offer training classes of all kinds: Residential HVAC System Performance & Air Balancing Certification Program, System Renovation and Retrofit, Home Performance, CO Safety and Combustion, Commercial Air Balancing, Large Commercial Balancing, Online Technical Training, Utility Program Training, and even Business, Sales, and Marketing training. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but it’s done in a professional environment with people who love to do what they do as much as you.

Don’t Miss This!

Listen up, Texans! An NCI training event is near you, so take advantage of this opportunity. A training event is scheduled for August 26-27, 2014 in San Antonio and will be covering Residential HVAC Renovation and Retrofit. Don’t miss the opportunity while it’s right under your nose!

Care for something on a bigger scale? The NCI is hosting two exciting events, one of which is just a little more than a month away.

NCI Meets Annual Conference: Mark your calendar for September 11-12, 2014, because the NCI Meets annual conference is going to Nashville. Hosted at the Nashville Convention Center, the event will focus on Home Performance As A Service, and will cover topics such as How to Implement Home Performance and Develop Your Competitive Advantage and The Keys to Diagnosing Problems and Providing Profitable Home Performance Solutions. Following the welcome reception on Thursday evening, conference attendees will start their Friday morning with an all-day session where NCI’s new “Total Home Comfort Services and Maintenance” program- complete with training, forms, procedures and marketing materials- will be showcased.

NCI Summit 2015: Last year, Summit attendees found themselves within a carefully designed technical and business-oriented educational program that addressed specific challenges facing performance-based contractors today. This year will likely be just as great, so look for updates on the NCI website about this important 2015 event!