John Moore Lends Helping Hand To Houston Family

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When KPRC’s Bill Spencer told us that Vernell Meloncon and her daughter, Deja, had been enduring the Houston heat for months, we wanted to help.

“Houston is our home. Houston is our community, and we just love the opportunity to give back,” said Claire Valentine, who owns John Moore along with her twin sister, Hannah, and their father, Don.

After learning that the recent loss of her job left Vernell unable to pay for repairs when her 30 year old A/C system broke down, John Moore and Goodman Manufacturing donated and installed a brand-new, state-of-the-art HVAC system in their home.

“We had a chance to change someone’s life in this case, and we wanted to do it,” said Claire. This need has grown exponentially due to the recent flooding caused from Hurricane Harvey which has left homes in dire need of repair. From damaged drywall, floors and appliances, to personal belongings that can never be replaced.

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