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Improve Your Health & Air Quality With John Moore’s Air Duct Cleaning

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Have you found yourself sneezing, coughing, having watery eyes and with a runny nose? If you are, you know that allergies can be a real pain to deal with. Taking medicine can help you be outdoors for a little while without suffering from these symptoms, but what happens when you feel this way inside your home? Do you really want to be taking medicine after medicine just to remain inside your home? Now, we’re by no means any doctors, but we do know AC and Heating systems. We know that despite having air consistently going through them, ducts can gather dust, allergens and even fungi and bacteria which could be detrimental to your family’s health. Most people don’t realize this, and therefore never get their air ducts cleaned—we recommend all of our customers clean their ducts once every few years.

When you call John Moore, you know you’re calling the best in the industry, we train all of our technicians when they start working with us and continue training them so that they can hone their skills and the customer (That’s you) only get the best people in your homes. Our duct cleaning services aren’t like some of the ones that other companies offer. That is because we don’t only clean your ducts, we use a Roto-brush along with a hose to vacuum out everything which is brushed off to clean. But we don’t stop there, we also sterilize the ducts in your home, by fogging your system with a hospital grade cleaner that will kill all bacteria and disease leaving your ducts hospital clean. This gets rid of what could be making you sick.

Most other companies just use a method called Negative Pressure to clean your ducts. This basically involves a high powered vacuum in your vent taking out only part of the debris—think about it, the dust has been settling in there for years, so unless you scrape or brush the debris you’ll likely only get whatever is loose. This leaves the illness causing bacteria in your ducts.

Health improvement is not the only benefit to getting your ducts cleaned (it is the most important one though), but getting your ducts cleaned will prolong the life and efficiency of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system. If you haven’t ever cleaned your ducts, you are increasing the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning when heating your home. Not to mention during the summer months the dirt and residue build up could be increasing your costs as much as 20%! If you haven’t gotten your air ducts cleaned, call us today to help prevent any breakdowns that could happen when the extreme weather hits!