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Windows let us bring the outside in without ever leaving our homes, and they can be a great statement to the style and design of your household. However, when they break or crack you’ll want to make sure that you go with a professional team that installs each window with care and works to ensure a perfect fit.


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Keep the View, Keep out the Weather

Window Solutions

Windows can be tricky to replace, but John Moore’s home exterior remodeling team has been replacing them for over 9 years. Our crew gets the job done right the first time and can work with you to make sure that your new window meets or exceeds your expectations.

Each window is unique. Because home design can vary widely depending on the builder and the year it was built, there is no true standard sizing for windows. This means that windows aren’t usually DIY jobs. Why not simply go to the hardware store and pick out a “close fit”? Improperly installed windows can warp and stress with time, which breaks their seals, leaving your home vulnerable to moisture and intrusion from insects and rodents. Improperly installed windows are also expensive to remove, so when your next window breaks or it’s time to upgrade, consider calling John Moore for window replacement your family can rely on.

Replacing Window

Shattered and Stuck

Problems to Watch for in Windows

The most obvious time to replace a window is when it breaks. While it is possible to replace just the broken glass, these repairs do not always make a complete seal and it is usually better to replace the entire window. Windows include many moving parts and specialized pieces, including sashes, hinges, frames, and locks, and it is imperative that these parts work together to keep out the elements. Fixing a window pane alone will not be sufficient if damage extends to other parts of the window.

Aside from broken window panes, you may want to consider having John Moore install a new window if you have trouble shutting or opening your window, notice the window is loose in its frame, or notice other sealing issues. Each of these problems can indicate an improper installation or mean that the window has warped and changed shape with time. While it may not seem like much of an issue at first, windows with a poor seal can raise your electricity bill and allow moisture to creep into your home, which can rot your walls and window sill.

If you notice that your window is doing a poor job of keeping out noise, you may want to replace your window, too. John Moore offers noise reduction windows that can restore peace and quiet to your home even in the busiest urban neighborhoods.

Frames, Locks, and Sashes

Getting to Know your Window

While windows come in a host of shapes, sizes, and variety, several features are common across most windows seen in residential homes. Getting to know each of these common window features can help you identify when something goes wrong or when it’s time for a new window.

Every window sits in a casement, usually bordered by a sill at the bottom. The casement is the part of your home to which the window attaches and is usually made of wood, metal, or vinyl.

The window itself is screwed into the casement and consists of a frame to hold the glass. Each window will typically include a lock as well and a railing or hinge to slide the window up and down or in and out respectively. The moveable part of your window, however, is known as the sash. The sash is comprised of the frame and the glass itself.


Options for Every Space

Choosing the Right Window

Before choosing a window style, it is important to consider the window’s purpose and the space available for the window itself. Is the window going in a kitchen to vent the hot air from a warm stove? Will the window hang in a bedroom to provide a scenic view and ventilation on warm nights?

Everyone’s taste in windows is different, but as long as form and function are kept in mind, we encourage you to consider different window styles to find one that is right for your home and your family. Below is a table that outlines different window types and what to expect from each.

Casement Window


Single sash that swings outward.

Single Hung Window

Single Hung

Single sash moves up or down on a rail. The most common type of window.

Double Hung

Double Hung

Two sashes that move up and down from the top and bottom of the window to create extra ventilation and make maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Awning Window


Top hinged to swing out, usually show up over doors or other windows.

Bay Window

Bay or Bow

A set of windows that extend out from the home to give the feel of more space and maximize ventilation. Often combined with a window seat.

Sliding Window


Sash slides to the left or right to allow maximum vertical ventilation.

Professional Installations and Custom Designs

John Moore’s Window Replacement Process

  1. SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT – After you call us and schedule an appointment for a time that works for you, we’ll come out to take a look at your window and offer immediate consultation. We will measure the site of your window and provide you with a variety of options based on the space available. Note, however, that we cannot remove broken glass. Homeowners are responsible for cleaning up any broken glass debris before our arrival.
  2. RECEIVE ESTIMATE – After consultation, we will provide an estimate and place an order for your new window. Because windows are typically custom built to the precise measurements of your home, they may take up to 3 weeks to arrive. However, we will call you as soon as the replacement is available.
  3. PLACE ORDER – After we have placed the order for your new window, we will immediately remove the old window if it is broken and board up the site until the window can be replaced. If the window is not broken, we will typically wait until the new window arrives to tear out the old one.
  4. REMOVE OLD WINDOWS – Removing a window can be a detailed and involved process, requiring that we first crush the frame and then ground out any remaining traces of the old window to smooth the sill and casement in preparation for the new window. Once your window arrives, however, hanging the window is a quick process. Windows will go in closed for a precise setting, and only then will we open the window to screw in the frame to the house itself.
  5. QUALITY INSPECTION – Once the window has been placed, we will check the seal to ensure proper installation.
Window Specialist

Keeping our Promise

John Moore’s Window and Window Installation Warranty

John Moore offers a one-year warranty for window installation labor. If you find any damage or problems with your window in the normal course of use within the first year, we will return to make things right. The windows themselves also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which typically range from five years to a lifetime warranty. Your John Moore service representative will cover these warranties with you during the consultation process.