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The Value & Importance Of A Knowledgeable Plumber

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A busted water heater, leaky pipe, or clogged toilet can create a big mess, and when it happens you want someone there to fix it in a hurry. Once you’ve chosen a plumbing repair company, though, what do you need to look out for? It can be difficult to tell if they are fixing the problem in the best possible way, but if you know a little about what to expect from a reputable plumbing company, the whole process will be easier.

Understand Common Plumbing Problems in Houston

“There are many things that customers get from John Moore Services that they will not get from other companies. We want to get to know you and get to know your house as well as your problem,” said John Moore Services Senior Operations Manager Joe Bany. “It’s a little like going in for an appointment with a doctor — we want to know what has been going on with your house for the past few years because it helps us diagnose problems. No matter how silly the concern is we look into it because sometimes it’s those silly things that turn out to be big problems later on down the line.”

According to Bany, he and his team will do their best to fix all plumbing problems, but they also take it a step further.

“Our number one goal is to take care of the problem, but if we notice something else we will bring it to the customer’s attention. If we find a way that the customer can save money or avoid a problem, we will point it out,” said Bany. “We try to be the helping hand for the uneducated homeowner because most people don’t know when things are going wrong or don’t look right, so we take it upon ourselves. And if everything in their home looks great, we tell them that too. We want each customer to have a realistic view of the condition of her home.”

Plumbing problems come in all different forms, from blocked toilets to clogged drains to leaky faucets to faulty water heaters. Each problem is different, and each problem comes with its own unique solution.

“If I am at a home because there is a problem with the toilet, after I fix that toilet I will go around to all the other toilets in the home to make sure they are not about to experience the same problem,” said Bany. “There’s nothing worse than having a plumber come out and fix one problem and then to have another problem pop up a few weeks later. Our goal is to take care of everything today.”

Aside from just fixing the problem, John Moore’s technicians go the extra mile by taking pictures of hard-to-see trouble areas so the customer can see it with their own eyes.

“Today’s technology is pretty incredible and we take full advantage of it. Say the problem is all the way in the back of the attic but the customer really needs to see it to know what I’m talking about,” said Bany. “Instead of having them climb up inside the attic with me, I just pull out my camera and take a picture. It’s a lot easier and safer, not to mention a lot of people are not able to make such a climb. As far as clogs go, we have inspection cameras that we can run through their drain system so we are able to see what exactly is clogging the pipe. We even have small cameras that we can put inside walls that allow us to see if that’s where the problem area is. Using this type of camera saves us from having to tear up a wall unless we absolutely have to.”

It’s important to note that the inspection process along with video footage and pictures are all done before the job itself starts. After the problem has been properly diagnosed, the John Moore technician will come up with at least three different estimates for fixing it. He will then show the customer all the different options along with all footage that was taken. And the next step is up to you. No work of any kind will begin until a price and a plan of action has been agreed upon.

“First-time customers along with returning ones should always expect good, quality workmanship,” said Bany. “We stand behind our stuff, our guys, and our warranty. We want everyone to be completely satisfied with the work that we do, and won’t finish a job until that is accomplished.”