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After moving into an older house and completely remodeling it into their dream home, Jim and Sherry Preston got an offer they couldn’t refuse. Although selling their dream home was something they thought they would never do, the idea of a fresh start excited them, and they began their search for their next “fixer upper.”

“We found a house right down the street and even though it needed a lot of work we knew it was the right fit for us,” said Preston. “The house has been a labor of love for over two years. We have had many problems with the remodeling process, so much so that we jokingly call it the money pit.”

Remodeling anything is a big job, especially if you are remodeling your whole house. Although you can save money if you do the renovations yourself, it’s not always the best idea when it comes to sensitive electrical, HVAC, and plumbing work. Read on for some remodeling tips so you will know what to do if your project gets a little out of hand.

Don’t use a fly-by-night company

Hiring a person who calls himself a plumber or electrician but is not licensed by the state is not a good idea. Although he may give you a great price and tell you with confidence that he can complete the job, chances are you will experience a problem.

“We hired a friend of a friend plumber to help us get our hot water heater working and help us with our inspection,” said Preston. “When the inspector came out he was appalled by the work that the ‘plumber’ had done. Nothing was correct and he created more of a problem that we originally had.”

Plumbers or electricians who have not gone through proper training and are not licensed by the state are typically not aware of the updated codes and standards that all houses must meet. Aside from that, they might not be insured. That means that if they break something in your home during the project, they may not have the resources to fix it. By hiring a company who is licensed and insured, you will have one less thing to stress about during your renovation.

“We finally called John Moore and they sent Josh Rowland out to our house. He was able to point out some problems and help us with the whole process,” said Preston. “And he was nice enough to show me what I was doing wrong with my plumbing problem without making me feel bad. As soon as he stepped in our home it was the first time we felt like we had someone on our side.”

Plan ahead

Before you begin any remodeling project, always have a plan of action in place before the project begins. Having a written account of the budget, which rooms will be remodeled first, and who to call in case of an emergency will help ease the pain when something goes wrong. Remodeling projects are full of surprises, so being as prepared as possible will help you when something unexpected happens. And it will happen.

Have temporary shelter

If you are remodeling your whole house make sure you and your family have a safe place to stay while the work is being completed. This could mean staying off site, or it could mean finishing up certain rooms first so you always have a completed spot to live in. Remember, remodeling sites are dangerous to be in unless you are a professional.

It is also important to have your microwave, toaster oven, grill, and any other portable cooking item available. Eating out everyday during your renovation is not an option for most people. By having a temporary kitchen set up, you will still be able to eat at home and save money.

Expect the unexpected

Sure, having a detailed plan of your whole renovation project is a good idea, but no matter how much you plan and budget you will always run into something unexpected as the work is being done. Always have an incidentals category as part of your budget, that way when things do happen you will be prepared.

Remodeling projects, no matter the size, are big jobs. Having an idea is one thing, but making that idea a reality is something totally different. No matter what stage your renovation is in, call the experts at John Moore Services. Our certified and licensed professionals can help out with any job. Give us a call today so you can rest easy knowing the job is being done right.