A single strip of copper along the side or bottom of the electrical panel used to conduct electricity.

Circuit Breaker

Levers appearing in parallel down the center of the electrical panel box. Used to shut off power to selective sections of the house or specific major appliances.


Nodules that extend out from the panel. Connect a homes’’ wires to their proper circuit breaker.

Electrical Panel

A large metal box containing circuit breakers and controlling level of electricity sent to the rest of the house. Usually located outside a house along one of the exterior walls.

Electrical Sockets

Panels with holes for two prong and three prong plugs located along the walls of your house. Transmit electricity from wires to your electronics.

Main Circuit

A single lever usually found at the top of the panel. Controls the power the panel puts out to the entire house. Can be shut off to power down a house.

Neutral Busbar

Similar in appearance to busbars, neutral busbars help maintain a safe voltage for the electrical panel.

Open Circuits

A discontinuous circuit that prevents electricity flow, often caused by a cut wire or a blown fuse.


Metal wires usually made of copper for optimum conductivity. Conduct electricity throughout the house. Insulated by rubber or plastic to prevent fire.