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Air Balancing Cools Evenly and Reduces the Need for AC Repair

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Has it ever happened to you that you go from one room in your home to another and notice a drastic change in the temperature between rooms? Or even rooms that during the hot or cold season you need something extra (like a heater or a fan) to help keep the room in a comfortable temperature? These are all signs that you might need to get your system air balanced.

Air balancing is the process of testing and adjusting your air conditioning system to deliver the right amount of air to each room in your home. The purpose of a homeowner, like you, getting their air balanced is to make sure that all the components of your heating and cooling systems are working as they should be. This prevents your system from using too much energy and could end up saving you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

When you do choose to get your air-balanced be sure to get a technician who is certified. A certified air-balancing technician will not only resolve the issues in one room but will have your whole system in mind. This is better because when all of the components of your system are working flawlessly together, the life of your system is prolonged, reducing the need for minor or major repairs. The process starts with the technician testing your system in different areas to make sure how well (or how poorly) your system is working in different areas of your home. This will then allow your technician to fine “tune” your system.

Whether it is that you are experiencing a major change in temperatures between rooms or you just decided to replace your Air Conditioning system in your home, air balancing is the key to bringing your home to the perfect and optimal temperature for comfort. You might be thinking “I just got a new system, it should automatically work better than my old system”, but this is not always the case. If your duct work is not set up correctly, your brand new system could still be working harder than it should be and could lead to early wear and tear.

Don’t wait until you have to replace your Air Conditioning unit, save money and prolong the life of your current unit by getting your Air Balanced by an Air Balancing certified technician from John Moore Services. Call us today, or click below to set up and appointment.