5 Misconceptions About Bathtub and Shower Replacements and John Moore’s Commitment to Pain Free Remodels

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There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding Bathroom Renovation projects. The Remodeling team at John Moore is here to set the record straight, with honest answers to the Top 5 Misconceptions About Bathtub and Shower Replacements.

1.Time – How long does replacing a bathtub take?

      • Simply replacing an existing tub with a same sized, newer and fresher model typically only takes few days. You could be enjoying a bubble bath in your new tub sooner than you think! Of course, every project is different and more complex remodels will add to your project timeline. That’s why we provide an on-site design consultation. After discussing your project and your vision with you, our remodeling team will provide you with a timeline and schedule for your project so you will know exactly what to expect. The John Moore remodeling team will treat your home with care and respect, and they will clean up the space each day before leaving to make things as normal as possible during your remodel.

2. DIY remodels are harder- and more costly- than you might think

There are a lot of home flipping and decorating shows on TV that make remodeling look so easy and quick to do. After all, they get projects done in a day for some shows, right? But in reality, the truth about DIY (Do It Yourself) bathroom remodels is this: it really is better to leave them to the professionals. Here’s why: A bathroom renovation is a great way to add value and equity to your home, and you don’t want to jeopardize your return on that investment because the work doesn’t look professional or isn’t up to code. When it comes to resale, bathrooms are such a high-value room that the smartest way to maximize the return on your investment and earn the money back at closing is to have professionals do the work for you.

Plus, when you factor in the number of evenings, weekends, countless trips to the hardware store, and weeks without a completely functional bathroom… doing the necessary work on your own isn’t really saving you anything. Take back your life, save yourself the headache, and call the bathroom design experts at John Moore to help you achieve a polished, professional bathroom retreat that you will love.

3. Fiberglass tubs can’t be truly repaired; it’s time to get a new one
Fiberglass tubs are commonly made out of a single piece of fiberglass and then shaped or pressed into the bathtub shape. Due to the one-piece construction method, there are not a lot of effective and viable ways to repair the tub. Patching a fiberglass tub is an expensive and only temporary fix. If you’re experiencing cracks in your fiberglass bathtub, it is better to simply replace the tub completely. Not only do you have the opportunity to modernize and upgrade your bathing experience, but this will also give you the opportunity to address the root cause behind the cracks, such as a lack of proper support underneath the bathtub. But remember, like we mentioned earlier, swapping out an existing bathtub for a newer model isn’t a long or expensive process.

4. Caulking will fix the leak in the walls or floor of your shower or tub

When cracks are found in your shower and you discover leaks, most people think that a valve, drain or shower head leak is causing the damage and grab their caulk gun. However, this isn’t typically the case. The reality is that most leaks are located in the wall or floor material of the tub or shower. Ninety percent of the time shower leaks are found in the thresholds, corners, and niches where the wall material meets the floor material or due to an improperly built shower seat. This holds true with bathtub leaks as well; most leaks are found in corners and where the wall material meets the tub.

If not diagnosed correctly and fixed properly, the walls or floor material inside will rot and bring in bacteria and bugs. Left unchecked, the damage from the leak will continue to escalate as time goes on and ultimately cause major damage and repairs.

5. Getting a new showerhead doesn’t mean your pipe problems will be fixed
Unfortunately, installing a new showerhead won’t cure any underlying issues with your plumbing. The showerhead itself is not part of the piping system at all. While changing out a showerhead that was clogged with mineral deposits may improve flow, if the problem lies anywhere beyond the showerhead, you will still need to address your pipes.

As mentioned above, the pipe connecting the stub-out from the bathtub spout to the showerhead isn’t part of the pressurized plumbing system in your home. If a repipe has already taken place, the shower riser pipe may not have been included. And if you haven’t done a whole home repipe, be sure to make sure to replace your tub spout and showerhead fixtures at that time to properly address your shower riser pipe as well.

Our Commitment to You
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