Bathtub and Shower Replacement

How long does a bathtub or shower install take?

How long does it take to install a new tub or shower?

While the consultation process may take several days of planning, the actual replacement of your home shower or tub will likely be completed in 4 to 5 days, but the time it takes to replace your tub or shower depends on materials and design. However, delays are possible depending on the complexity of the project and if our workers run into problems with existing architecture or need to do more work on the pipes behind your unit after pulling out the tub or shower. We are careful stewards of your time and home and will take care to move the process forward as quickly as possible.

How much is a bathtub or shower install?

How much can I expect to spend on a bathtub or shower install?

Cost varies widely depending on what you want. We will always start you off with an estimate that should get you in the ballpark, but added costs may arise if we find a problem with your plumbing system during the demolition and installation process. We are committed to avoiding hidden charges and fees, and you will be the first to know about any added costs.

Decide between bathtub or shower

Should I get a tub or a shower?

Deciding whether to go with a tub or a shower is a personal choice. You will need to consider your mobility and the amount of effort you are willing to spend on maintaining the unit. Tubs require a little more care than showers, but they can be worth the added attention. Keep in mind that tubs also require more space than a shower. If you cannot decide between one or the other, consider a bathtub/shower combination unit.

Common issue when installing a bathtub or shower

What are some common problems that might increase the cost of my new tub or shower?

Some common problems we encounter when installing new tubs and showers include termite infestation, water damage, electrical issues, drain issues, and water issues. Fortunately, John Moore has teams of experts that can deal with each of these problems as they arise and will work hard to keep your project on track to completion.

What about pets while plumbers are in my house?

What should I do with my pets when your plumbers are in the house?

Please keep all pets out of the bathroom as we are working. We love pets too, but construction areas can present hazards to your furry companions.

When to replace bathtub or shower

When should I replace my bathtub/shower?

John Moore advises homeowners to upgrade their tub or shower as soon as it begins disrupting their wash-up routine. If you have a cracked, tarnished, or difficult to clean tub or shower, know that repairs may be too expensive to be worth your time. Home remodels and accessibility upgrades are also common reasons to request a new bathtub or shower.

Old tub removal

Will John Moore remove and dispose of the old shower or tub?

Yes. We will move out and dispose of or recycle all parts and pieces of your old unit.