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There’s a reason that John Moore has been around for over fifty years. Homeowners in West University and throughout Houston continue to recognize the quality we bring into their homes. John Moore’s remodeling service is transforming neighborhoods one house at a time with cutting-edge kitchens, upgraded bathrooms, stronger roofs, and even smaller repairs and installations that allow homes to look and function at their best.


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Professional Remodeling Services in West U

Whether you own an older home in West U or one that’s been renovated, John Moore offers a wide range of renovation services to meet your unique needs. If you have an older home that may be ready for a new kitchen or master bathroom, John Moore offers a team of interior designers to capture your vision. If you own an older home that has already been renovated in the inside and now need exterior renovations to perfect your home, we have professional roofers and painters who can help restore and beautify the outside.

From total bathroom and kitchen revamps to single faucet installation and drywall repair, John Moore will help you with any size home improvement project. We guarantee the quality of our work and most products we use are also covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you’re trying to repair parts of your home, get it ready for sale, or add some pizazz so you can enjoy it more, John Moore offers a wide range of home renovation services to help you reach your goals. From kitchen and bath remodels to drywall repair and painting, you can feel confident in the caliber of our completed projects and rest assured in the quality products we use. Not only do we warranty our work, but most of the products we use are also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

John Moore’s Renovation Services Include:

  • Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen
  • Custom Bathroom
  • Countertops
  • Doors
  • Faucets
  • Fixtures
  • Painting
  • Wall & Ceiling
  • Roofing & Exterior
  • Tiling
  • Tubs & Showers
  • Windows

West U Custom Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Services

If you’re going to have your kitchen or baths updated, you might as well do it with a remodeling company that can provide you with quality results with a lot less headaches. With John Moore’s interior designer, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC experts all working under one roof, you have only one company to hold accountable for all the work performed— and you’ll enjoy a smoother renovation process all around.

But before any work gets done, John Moore’s interior design team will discuss your needs, your vision, and your budget. Together, we will determine if we need to completely tear out your kitchen and baths or make just a few changes like installing a standalone tub or adding new faucets, sinks, and countertops. We can even help design your kitchen and bathrooms to make them safer and more user-friendly for elderly or handicapped family members. You’ll be happy to know that whatever type of renovation we do to your home, John Moore provides a one-year labor warranty* on all the work we do.

*Does not apply in cases of consumer negligence, acts of God (flood, lightning, etc.), riots, or war.

West U Roofing & Exterior Remodeling Services

With many of the homes in West U dating back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s, there’s a good chance that the outside of your home may be in need of a little tender loving care. And although John Moore offers professional painting services, it’s not just the outside appearance of your home that matters but its protection.

Asphalt shingle roofs typically need to be replaced every 25 to 30 years. With heavy rains and hurricanes in the Houston area, you don’t want to risk a roof leak that can ultimately damage the inside of your home. Even if the prior owner replaced your roof in the 90s, it may be time to have it inspected and possibly replaced. If it just needs to be reshingled, our shingles come with a 20, 30, or 40 year manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition to roofing services, John Moore can ensure your exterior walls and roof are properly sealed to maintain the temperature inside your home and prevent pests from infiltrating. If your goal is improved energy efficiency, our home services specialists can discuss different options with you including energy efficient windows, radiant barrier, or attic insulation replacement.

Why risk further damage or a rodent infestation when you can call John Moore for exterior renovations? We have expert roofers to handle roof repairs or install a new roof on your home. Sealing your roof with new flashing and shingles will not only help prevent water leaks and pests from coming in, it can help with the marketability of your home if you plan on selling it. While we’re at your home, you may even consider attic improvements for better energy efficiency, like installing radiant barrier or an Attic Breeze fan. In addition to roofing, John Moore can seal entry points found around your home to keep bugs, rodents, and wildlife where they belong— outside of your home.

In addition to how your house functions after many years, there’s also what your house looks like. Paint can fade or stain leaving your home looking dingy. Who wants to come home to a tired, drab house? With John Moore’s home remodeling services, we’ll partner with you to find the look and color palette that will rejuvenate the exterior of your home, so you can be a proud owner. If you have some ideas but not sure if we can do it, just ask. You’ll be surprised what we’re capable of.

Does the temperature feel imbalanced in your home? Can the outside of your home use a fresh coat of paint? Call John Moore today at 713-730-2525 for a free consultation.


West University Wall & Ceiling Repair

If you’ve been thinking about adding texture to your walls, there are several styles to choose from including popcorn, knockdown, smooth, stomp, and orange peel. But capturing these effects requires different drywall compound mixtures and special application techniques. Does this sound like a DIY project you’re ready to take on? If it seems a little overwhelming, that’s ok. John Moore offers professional drywall services to save you time and get the job done right.

In addition to texturing and painting walls and ceilings, we have excellent repair techniques to fix any holes, stains, water damage, crayon marks, you name it. Whatever the damage stems from, John Moore’s drywall experts can restore it back to new. The advantage of using a whole-home service company, like John Moore, is that we will be able to pinpoint the root of the problem before replacing the drywall. In the instance of water damage, we’ll check to see where the water is coming from. Is it coming your water heater, pipes, roof, or HVAC system? If we do find a bigger problem, it’s totally up to you to have it repaired or not. But because we want you to be able to prevent further damage, John Moore offers a 0% down financing option to homeowners that qualify.

To schedule a free estimate on drywall repair or painting services in West U, call John Moore today at 713-730-2525.

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