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As one of the hundred best places to live in the entire country, Sugar Land is a city that many families proudly call home. And over the past 50 years, John Moore has been there with Sugar Land homeowners, watching the city grow into the outstanding hub for culture and education that it is today. But as the city itself grows, we have also seen the decay of plumbing systems in Sugar Land homes.

Along with growth comes change, and as your home grows older, you may find that it’s time make changes to its plumbing systems. Today, John Moore’s licensed plumbers are upgrading main lines and potable water systems all over Sugar Land, using the latest technology for solutions that will last well into the future. Whether you need a drain cleaned or a major rehaul of an old plumbing system, John Moore is committed to helping Sugar Land remain one of the greatest places to call home.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

  • Plumbing repair & inspections
  • Tankless and standard water heater repair & installation
  • Whole-house re-piping services
  • Rooter & drain clean services
  • Sewer stoppage & replacement
  • Water softeners & filtration
  • Slab leak detection & repair
  • Sinks
  • tubs
  • faucets
  • garbage disposals

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pex pipe

Slab-Leak Detection, Repiping Services for Sugar Land Homes Built Before the 1980s

Your home’s potable water system is responsible for distributing clean water to all the faucets and appliances in your home. But over time, the pipes that comprise your potable water system can fail, rust, or burst, depending on what they’re made of. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out, so after about 15 or 20 years, you will start to notice pinhole leaks and rust-tinted water in your home. PVC pipes, on the other hand, won’t rust, but they do tend to burst open at connection points after years of being under pressure. And many Sugar Land homes rely on copper looped slab systems that not only rust and corrode like galvanized pipes, but can also bend and snap as a result of going through the foundation of your home.

The universal signs that something has gone awry with your home’s potable water system are low water pressure and water spots. If you notice water spots on your walls and ceilings, rust has likely eaten its way through your galvanized pipes, forming pinhole leaks. And if you notice water coming up through your foundation, then you most likely have a copper looped slab system that is leaking as a result of a broken copper pipe.

In either situation, the best long-term solution is a whole-home repipe, where we replace the piping system in your home with a more reliable system. John Moore’s whole-home repipes are carried out using PEX piping, a state-of-the-art piping material that won’t rust or corrode like copper or galvanized pipes. And because PEX is flexible, it has less connection points than PVC pipes, meaning that there is virtually no chance it will burst open. All of our whole-home repipes come with a 25 year parts warranty and a 10 year warranty on labor, which excludes natural disasters and vandalism.

Are your home’s potable water pipes due for an upgrade? Call us at 713-730-2525 or schedule a consultation online.

Main Line Sewer Repair & Rerouting Services Common with Older Sugar Land Homes

The other half of your home’s plumbing system is its main sewer line, which carries all of the water that goes down your drains or is flushed down your toilets to the city sanitation center. Your main line is sloped and relies on gravity to pull wastewater to the city main line. Thanks to your home’s main line, you and your family can easily dispose of dirty water and waste without having to think twice. But sometimes a blockage can form in your main line and the results can be disgusting.

Blockages form in your main line in several ways. Remember that your main line is sloped and relies on gravity, so if the ground shifts, a dip can form where waste and sticky petroleum based products can get stuck. Another way main lines become blocked is by tree roots seeking out nutrients. And if you have a main line made out of cast iron, it can rust through and allow mud and debris to gather inside. In either case, when your main line gets blocked, your waste water has nowhere to go but back into the home, meaning wastewater comes back up through tub and shower drains when you flush your toilet. Like we said, it’s not a pretty sight (nor smell).

As a solution, John Moore’s plumbers first locate the cause and location of the blockage. Then we will put a cable snake down the access port to your main line to poke a hole through the stoppage. Once some of the waste water drains, we will use a camera and determine the best long-term solution to prevent a main line blockage in your home, whether it’s a spot repair, reslope, or completely replacing the main line.

Is sewage backing up into your home? John Moore makes main line repairs a top-priority. Call us at 713-730-2525 to schedule our next available certified plumber.


Contaminants Like Lead, Cyanide, & Radium Make Water Quality Solutions a Priority for Sugar Land Families

From award-winning schools to a bustling city center, there are many things that make Sugar Land a great place for families, but it’s water quality isn’t one of them. Although Sugar Land’s water passes EPA regulations, there are still traces of contaminants like lead, cyanide, and radium in the city’s water supply according to a 2016 Annual Sugar Land Water Report. Sugar Land works hard to remove many of these contaminants before they enter your home, but even traces of these chemicals can have a long-term effect on your health and the health of your family if they are consumed on a regular basis, especially if you or anyone in your home has a weak immune system or an autoimmune disease.

Instead of taking a risk on your tap water, you can have John Moore install a whole-home water filtration system that uses a combination of carbon filters to provide you and your family with clean water to drink and bathe in. And if you’re worried about the hardness of Sugar Land’s water damaging your fixtures, faucets, skin, clothes, and hair, we also offer whole-home water softeners that combat limescale build up and will leave your skin and hair feeling rejuvenated.

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John Moore Plumbing services all Sugar Land neighborhoods

From First Colony to Telfair, John Moore provides plumbing services to neighborhoods in Sugar Land including:
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