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If you have a pest problem and unsure of where to turn, John Moore has been a household name for over 50 years, first as a plumbing company and now as a whole-home service provider. We pride ourselves in taking a comprehensive approach to address all sorts of challenges in the home, including when mice and ants take charge of your house. Not only do we eradicate bugs and animals from your home, but we also perform exclusions, sealing off any cracks and crevices that allow pests to enter, and disinfecting your home to neutralize contaminated areas. Exclusion and decontamination are important because an infestation can expose your home to extensive damage and quickly grow into a health hazard. So, even if you see the slightest sign of pests living in your home— droppings in your kitchen drawers, torn up paper or wood in the attic, or noises coming from your ceiling or vents— you can count on John Moore’s pest control services in Stafford to safely and thoroughly get rid of your problem.

John Moore's Pest Control Services Include:

Standard pests: roaches, spiders, indoor ants, millipedes, centipedes, wasps, moths, and flies, Termites, Mosquitos, Rodents and other wildlife (possums, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and snakes), Bed bugs, Fleas and ticks, Bees, Fire ants

Worried about an infestation? Call one of the top pest control companies in Stafford 713-730-2525.

Protect Your Home with Professional Termite Treatment in Stafford

If you live in Stafford and are wondering if your home is a target for termites, the answer is yes. Because worker termites need plenty of moisture to survive, the Gulf Coast region is the perfect area for termites to thrive. Similar to ants, termites live in colonies. These colonies are usually found underground, often near a tree or stump, and there can be millions of termites in one colony. Worker termites will forage for cellulose found in wood materials and bring it back to the colony in order to feed the reproductives, soldiers, and newly-hatched nymphs. Where do they find this wood? Anywhere, including your fence, trees, house, deck, and shed.

How do termites get to your home? The most prevalent kind of termite, the formosan termite, builds dirt tubes to travel safely to your home in search of wood. Dirt tubes along the exterior of your home are one sign of termite activity you should watch out for. You can also look out for other signs such as tiny discarded wings or mounds of wood droppings called, “frass,” near windows and doors. Because termite infestations are best detected and handled by professional termite companies, John Moore offers free termite inspections in Stafford. Our free termite inspections have no obligations, so you don’t have to pay anything unless there is a termite problem you’d like us to treat.

Reliable Mosquito Treatment in Stafford

Tired of having mosquitoes take over your yard? If you’ve been doing your own mosquito treatments but they keep on returning, it’s probably because you haven’t addressed the root cause of the problem: their breeding grounds. If there’s standing water anywhere on your property or close by, mosquitoes will continue to breed and infest your yard. With John Moore, we will locate any problem areas around your home that need to be eliminated or treated.

With our bi-monthly Mosquito Plus program, you will receive regular pesticide treatments to keep mosquitoes away for good. If you need a temporary solution, we can perform a one-time mosquito treatment with the same leading repellent we use for our program members. Our mosquito repellents are all cleared by the EPA and are also effective at exterminating bugs like roaches, ants, spiders, and moths.

Looking for a safe, effective mosquito control company in Stafford? Call 713-730-2525 today.

Professional Rodent & Wild Animal Removal in Stafford

Think you may be sharing your home with rodents, squirrels, or other wildlife? John Moore’s pest control specialists are trained to safely exterminate rodents and remove wild animals from homes. Even with animals that may not appear dangerous, like mice, you have to be cautious because of possible disease transmission, like hantavirus and salmonella, which can be passed to humans through animal secretions, scratches, and contaminated dust. Rodents, including rats and mice, can multiply exponentially within a year. So, if you wait too long to address a rodent problem, your home can easily be taken over by critters in a matter of months.

In addition to exterminating and removing animals from your home, one of the most important steps in pest control is an exclusion process to cover up any weep holes or other access points that rodents use to get into your home. As part of our rodent and wildlife control solutions, we will also disinfect areas that may have been contaminated. If your home is in need of repairs from pest damage, John Moore also offers electrical, a/c, renovation, and attic insulation services, so you can rely on us to get everything in your home back in order once we’ve taken care of your infestation.

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