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John Moore – Reliable, Professional Plumbers in Shenandoah since 1965

One thing’s for sure about the homeowners in this small South Montgomery city: you all take pride in the upkeep of your homes. Although many homes in Shenandoah are newer, certain parts—like their plumbing system—still need tender love and care. Water heaters need to be serviced, drains need to be cleaned, and pipes may need to be replaced.

No matter how old your home is, John Moore is here to provide maintenance services, major plumbing repairs, and upgrades like water filtration system installs and whole-home repiping with state-of-the art PEX piping. We even perform sewer line repairs on older Shenandoah homes built in the 70s. Just like you, we take pride in everything we do, so you can always expect quality products and top notch plumbing services from us.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

  • Plumbing repair & inspections
  • Tankless and standard water heater repair & installation
  • Whole-house re-piping services
  • Rooter & drain clean services
  • Sewer stoppage & replacement
  • Water softeners & filtration
  • Slab leak detection & repair
  • Sinks
  • tubs
  • faucets
  • garbage disposals

Have a water leak or waste water that won’t drain? John Moore’s customer care center is always open to take your call at 713-730-2525.

pex pipe

Water Stains on Your Ceiling; a Sure Sign it’s Time for PEX Repiping in Your Shenandoah Home

Are you noticing water spots on your walls and don’t know where they are coming from? If you own an older home in Shenandoah, your leak may be coming from galvanized pipes that have rusted through. Rusted galvanized piping is fairly common in homes built before the 80s. In newer homes, leaks and low water pressure can be caused by PVC pipes that have buckled due to poor installation. In either case, water leaks can lead to costly damage in your home, meaning you should consider upgrading to more reliable pipes as soon as you notice rust, a leak, or low water pressure in your home.

Through a horizontal or whole-house repipe, John Moore will install a cutting edge piping solution called PEX piping. Unlike galvanized pipes, PEX piping does not rust or corrode, and PEX piping systems are designed with less connections so they’re not prone to rupturing under high water pressure like PVC pipes.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with a John Moore plumber to discuss repiping your home with PEX pipes.

Something Stinky? Call John Moore for Shenandoah Main Line Sewer Inspection and Repairs

Do you have foul smelling water coming from your bathtub drains? Do you hear strange noises coming from your toilet when you flush or someone else is using the shower?

These are common signs that your main line has a blockage. How does this happen? Your sewer line might have developed a low point, or a belly, where debris gets caught and builds up over time, eventually causing a blockage. Main lines can also break or shift- especially those made of cast iron and concrete- allowing mud, tree roots, and other debris to enter your line and cause a blockage.

Because sewage backup is a major nuisance, a health risk to you and your family, and can pose major damage to your home, John Moore makes these types of plumbing issues a priority. We will work quickly to identify the cause and location of the blockage, remove it, and then discuss solutions to get your line repaired, so it doesn’t happen again.

Waste water in your tubs? Call 713-730-2525 to schedule an appointment with a John Moore plumber in Shenandoah.


Whole-House Water Filtration & Quality Systems for Shenandoah Homes

Buying bottled water can be a pain, and it only addresses the water you drink. What about the water you use for cooking and bathing? Because Houston’s water is full of inorganic contaminants from pesticides, drilling wastes, and sewage, many homeowners are having whole house water filtration systems installed in their homes.

John Moore offers whole-house filtration systems that eliminate almost all of the harmful contaminants and by-products in Houston’s water, so you can feel good about your home’s water quality. Installing a whole-house water filtration system is like using bottled water for bathing, cooking, drinking, and washing—only without the contaminants that come from the plastic bottle! John Moore’s certified plumbers can also install a water softener to prevent hard water damage to your fixtures, appliances, skin, and hair.

Want healthier, non-damaging water? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525 to learn about water filtration systems.

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