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Frequent Power Surges? Flickering Lights? Outdated Electrical System?

Your home’s electrical system powers numerous conveniences around your home: outlets that charge your phones and power your electronics, an AC that keeps your home cool, a fridge and freezer to preserve food, a microwave to warm that food in, and— of course— lights that help you and your family see clearly no matter what time of day it is. It’s easy to take these conveniences for granted until your home’s electrical system begins acting up. Appliances may send surges to your circuit breaker, shutting off power to areas of your home. Your wiring can malfunction, leading to flickering lights and switches or outlets that don’t work. In worst-case scenarios, exposed wiring or fuses within your breaker panel can spark and catch fire, which can potentially destroy your home and put you and your family in danger.

No matter the electrical problem, you can rely on John Moore’s licensed and insured electricians to catch any issues in your home and make the appropriate repairs, upgrades, and replacements for an electrical system that functions safely and efficiently, as it should.


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Over 50 Years of Service Excellence in Memorial

John Moore is proud to have provided Memorial homeowners with quality home services since 1965. Starting as a plumbing company, John Moore has helped thousands of homeowners over the years. In 2005, we began offering electrical services, only hiring Houston’s most qualified master electricians. Today, we can say that we’ve fixed hundreds of Memorial home’s electrical systems, whether it’s rewiring an old home with a safer wiring system, replacing a recalled breaker panel, installing recessed lighting, or bringing an old home up to code.

If you have outlets that don’t work, circuits that won’t reset, experience frequent power surges, or want to install new light fixtures inside or outside of your home, John Moore’s electricians can help. If you live in an older home with an outdated electrical system still intact, we can bring your home into the 21st century with GFCI grounded outlets, PVC insulated copper wires, and a new breaker panel with top-of-the-line safety features. Even if you just want a routine inspection to ensure your electrical system functions as it should, you can call on the name Memorial homeowners trust: John Moore.

Notice: If you’re dealing with a sparking live wire, smoking breaker panel, or electrical fire of any kind, please call your electrical service provider immediately to shut off power to your home and call 911 or the Village Fire Department at (713) 468-7941 to extinguish any fires before calling John Moore.

John Moore’s Electrical Services Include:

  • Electrical Repairs & Upgrades
  • Breaker Panel Inspection
  • Repair
  • and Replacement
  • Rewiring
  • Electrical Inspections
  • High-Voltage Repair
  • Whole-Home Surge Protection
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Overhead & Underground Lines
  • Grounding
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Switches
  • & Dimmers
  • Ceiling Fan & Fixture Installation
  • Stand-by Generators
  • LED & Recessed Lighting
  • Code Corrections

Breaker Panel Inspection

Electrical Panel Inspection, Repairs, and Replacements in Memorial

Your home’s electrical panel— also commonly referred to as a breaker panel or distribution panel— divides all the electricity that comes into your home and distributes it to your various appliances, lights, and outlets. Two critical functions of your electrical panel are grounding any excess energy that enters into your system, and turning off power to any areas in your home that are drawing unsafe amounts of electricity. If you live in a home built before the 1990s that uses its original distribution panel, you may want to check to make sure that it hasn’t been discontinued or recalled. Some older electrical panel models fail to shut off power in the case of a power surge, potentially leading to explosions or fires. If your electrical panel is outdated, call a licensed electrician as soon as possible to have it replaced with a new, safe electrical panel.

It is recommended to have your electrical panel inspected every few years and before remodeling your home or adding any new appliances. Sometimes, circuits in an electrical panel can malfunction, leading to a circuit that won’t reset after it trips. If this happens, you should call a licensed electrician to replace the burnt circuit with a new one. Because of the high levels of electricity that your electrical panel handles, you should never attempt to replace any components by yourself unless you are a qualified electrician or else you may electrocute yourself.

Outdated electrical panel? Circuits not resetting? Need a new grounding cable? For electrical panel inspections, repairs, and replacements, call 713-730-2525.

Rewiring Memorial Homes to be Safer and More Efficient

Your home’s electrical wires are like the veins of your electrical system, carrying electricity to the various lights, outlets, and appliances throughout your home. Modern electrical wires are made of copper and insulated with PVC plastic. The copper wire is conductive, but also provides just enough electrical resistance to ensure that your wires don’t overheat. The PVC plastic prevents the wire inside from creating sparks by coming into contact with another wire or conductive surface. Older homes built before the 70s may have a wiring system that relies on aluminum, which is known to overheat, melt its insulation, and sometime start fires inside the walls of homes. Likewise, wiring systems built before the 90s utilized a different kind of plastic insulation that is known to brittle over time, especially in Memorial’s summer heat. If you live in an older home with its original wiring system still intact, you may want to call John Moore for a wiring inspection to ensure that your system is safe.

If you notice flickering lights, outlets that don’t work, or smell smoke or hear a buzzing sound coming from behind your walls, you may have an issue with your electrical wires. Rodents are known to chew through wires and their insulation, which could lead to lights not working or— in extreme cases— spark a fire from within your walls. If we notice that your home has rodents in addition to wiring malfunctions, we will refer our pest control team to rid your home of any rodents so that the same problem doesn’t happen again.

Concerned about the electrical wires in your home? Call 713-730-2525 to schedule a consultation with the next available John Moore electrician.

Re-Wiring Homes to be Safer and More Energy Efficient

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John Moore is Committed to Safe and Energy-Efficient Memorial Homes.

We provide electrical services to all Memorial neighborhoods including:
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