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John Moore has provided Manvel, TX with first-rate pest control services for twenty years and counting. We’ve been called on many-a-times to get rid of roaches, rodents, wildlife, and other creepy crawlies that find their way into homes all around Houston. On top of that, homeowners dealing with damage or contamination from a pest problem can take advantage of our attic insulation replacement, electrical, a/c, and renovation services.


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Manvel Pest Control from a Trusted Local Provider

If you’ve tried roach hotels, glue traps, and other hardware store remedies but your pest problem keeps coming back, you’re probably missing an important factor in pest control. Manvel has hot, humid weather that attracts all kinds of insects and rodent, but there’s nothing you can do to change that. What you can change is what’s driving these pests into your property and how they’re getting in. That’s the difference John Moore makes. When we partner with you, we’ll assess all of the factors that are making your home a hot spot for rodents, insects, or other animals. In addition to exterminating or removing these pests, we will look at long term solutions to keep them out for good through exclusion and regular pest control treatment. And with John Moore, the price we quote is the price you pay.

John Moore's Pest Control Services Include:

  • Standard pests: roaches
  • spiders
  • indoor ants
  • millipedes
  • centipedes
  • wasps
  • moths
  • and flies
  • Termites
  • Mosquitos
  • Rodents and other wildlife (possums
  • raccoons
  • squirrels
  • bats
  • and snakes)
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Bees
  • Fire ants

Free Termite Inspections in Manvel

As part of Houston’s sprawling metropolitan area, Manvel stands against the same risk of termite damage as the rest of the city. Because of our humid, subtropical weather conditions, there are a variety of termites that proliferate in Houston. One of the most common termites found here are subterranean termites. You may spot out subterranean “swarmers”, in your yard throughout the year, but they are most common in between the months of February and May. Unfortunately, termites look a lot like ants, so they can be tricky for an untrained eye to identify.

To take a proactive look, it’s best to hire a trained eye to inspect your home. Another reason to hire a professional pest control company, like John Moore, is because we use specialized equipment, termiticides, and have the experience to treat your home both safely and effectively. Do-it-yourself termite control is best for spot treatments or for smaller structures like sheds, fence posts, and wood piles. But for homes that are infested, you should hire a professional termite exterminator. Termites can be quite sophisticated and if you aren’t experienced in termite exterminations, you may put your health, safety, and property at risk. For peace of mind, call on John Moore’s experienced pest control services in Manvel, TX.

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Experienced Rodent & Animal Removal in Manvel

Did you know that mammals of the order Rodentia, more commonly known as “rodents,” are the largest group of mammals on Earth? Given the landscape and climate of Manvel and the rest of the Gulf Coast region, it’s no surprise that mice, rats, and other wildlife thrive in the area. And if given access, they’ll do the same inside your home.

It’s one thing to get these pesky rodents out of your house, but it’s another to keep them out. With a professional pest control company, like John Moore, we will exclude rodents and other animals by performing an exclusion process that involves sealing off weep holes and other access points into your home using a steel wire mesh. Once we exterminate or remove rodents from your property, we will neutralize contaminated areas using a DSV spray which will also cover up any traces, including bacteria and pheromones. We will also pinpoint any damages to your home and offers solutions to have them fixed.

For wild animals like possums, raccoons, and bats, our pest control team is required by law to humanely capture and release them into a nature reserve at least 10 miles away.

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Mosquito Treatment in Manvel

If you didn’t already know, mosquitoes need still waters to breed. With low-lying land, lakes, bayous, and ponds throughout Manvel and Houston, you can see why mosquitoes are a problem in our city. And because we have heavy rains and long periods of warm weather, a mosquito problem can haunt homeowners for most of the year. With the prevalence of viruses like West Nile and Zika, it’s wise to treat your yard and home to keep you and your family safe.

John Moore’s approach to everything we do, including mosquito control services, involves finding the root cause of a problem, and solving it for good. If you notice mosquitoes in your yard, you most likely have breeding grounds (standing water) close by. This may include patches of low lying ground or structures like bird baths or fountains that allow water to collect. Mosquitoes can also travel three miles from a nearby lake or pond. With John Moore’s help, we will target those problem areas and treat your yard with one of the top mosquito repellents on the market. With our Mosquito Plus program, we will spray your property every other month to keep mosquitoes away for good. As an added perk, our Mosquito Plus treatment is also effective in preventing spiders, ants, roaches, and other standard pests from entering your home.

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John Moore Offers 20 Years of Pest Control in Manvel, Texas

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