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Pest, Insect, Wildlife and Rodent Removal for Conroe Homes

Situated in subtropical climate, surrounded by lush forests, and home to a giant lake, Conroe provides the perfect habitat for many animals and insects that are known to invade homes. Some homeowners think that they have to accept roaches, ants, and rodents as a part of Conroe living, but that’s not true. A pest control company, like John Moore, can eliminate pests from your home so your family doesn’t have to worry about costly damage or the transmission of disease. Cockroaches and mice, for instance, can spread illnesses like Typhoid Fever by contaminating food with bacteria picked up from trash and plumbing system while other pest, like termites, can slowly eat away at your home unnoticed for years, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you see any signs of pests— droppings, damage, or the critters themselves— you should call a pest control company before they reproduce and infest.

John Moore’s Pest Control Services Include:

Standard Pests: roaches, spiders, indoor ants, millipedes, centipedes, wasps, moths, flies, Rodents and other wildlife (possums, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and snakes), Termites, Mosquitos, Bed bugs, Bees, Fire ants, Fleas and ticks

Need a reliable pest control service in Conroe to get rid of animals or insects in your home? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525 for fast service and a free estimate.

Safe, Professional Termite Treatment in Conroe, TX

Termites have been reported to cause more property damage than natural disasters do every year, and Conroe is especially susceptible to termites because of its warm, humid weather. How can such a tiny bug cause extensive damage? Termites operate collectively and efficiently, with worker termites foraging for food, soldier termites defending the colony, and queen termites reproducing, sometimes adding around 30,000 new termites to the colony in a single day.

Termites need to constantly eat to survive, so they will feast on wood found in your yard and your home, including your fence, deck, trees, building materials, furniture, and crown molding. Because of their size and efficacy, Termites can go unnoticed for a long time, which gives them the opportunity to cause more damage. To quickly prevent the spread of termites in Conroe homes, John Moore offers free termite inspections. If we find termites in your home, we will exterminate them by using FDA-approved foam and liquid termiticides as well as wood treatments. As a long-term solution, we’ll provide you with an annual termite treatment plan to keep your home safe from re-infestations, which are common for homes in the gulf-coast region.

Mosquito Treatment in Conroe, TX

Mosquito problems are common all over the Houston area, including Conroe, because of the local landscape. Low-lying land, heavy rains, and Lake Conroe make it easy for mosquitoes to breed in the areas. If you’re tired of getting bit by mosquitoes in your own yard or are concerned about West Nile and Zika virus, it may be time to seek professional mosquito treatment by a qualified mosquito company in Conroe.

When bug sprays and light zappers aren’t doing an effective job, John Moore’s bi-monthly Mosquito Plus plan will ensure your yard is continually treated with one of the most effective mosquito repellents on the market. We will also point out problem areas on your property that may be causing mosquitoes to breed and populate. And to make it totally worth your while, our Mosquito Plus program also covers the extermination of other common pests like spiders, roaches, house ants, centipedes, wasps, and moths. For a temporary solution, we also offer one-time mosquito treatments so you can ensure that your next outdoor party isn’t ruined by mosquitos biting your guests.

To learn more about John Moore’s mosquito control services in Conroe, call 713-730-2525.

Rodent and Wildlife Removal in Conroe, TX

Are you hearing scratching noises or movement coming from your attic or air vents? Are you seeing small, black, rice-shaped pellets in your kitchen cabinets? Chances are you have mice in your home. Mice, or any other rodent for that matter, often live in homes for months without homeowner’s noticing. Rodent’s stealth can be a problem because usually by the time you hear them or see signs, you may already have an infestation on your hands. Not only that, but rodents and wildlife often cause electrical and structural damage as well as expose you and your family to diseases.

Setting up traps may capture some of the mice, but you will need the help of a professional pest control company to safely get rid of them for good. When you call John Moore for rodent control, we not only remove whatever animals are in your home, but we also seal openings and disinfect contaminated areas to prevent critters from entering your home in the future. If you have wildlife animals like birds, bats, possums, raccoons, or squirrels in your home, we are required by Texas law to remove the animal without any undue harm and place them in a nature preserve at least ten miles away from your home.

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